A Pleiadian Message: Activating the Resurrection Essence


Beloved Ones, we greet you. The winds of change have been flowing freely, creating new patterns of light, birthing multidimensional openings across your Earth plane since the New Year. The higher frequencies of God held within the Sun’s rays have been flowing within your energetic systems and reviving, rejuvenating you on a cellular level.

These expanded rays have created a realignment within your body through an activation of what we call a “resurrection essence.” This frequency is now flowing throughout the physical body and energetically opening pathways into other dimensional aspects of your heart chamber. These new patterns of light are creating revelations from the pure form of love emanating from the sun, reopening an access to your divine light consciousness.

Your light shines brighter within. You hold a unique illumination and within the action of these reopenings you are being revealed to your Self. Doorways that have been closed within you can now be accessed. You are becoming a beacon of light, which shines forth from your heart outwards to humanity.

Now is the time to be willing to let go and move forward, not necessarily knowing or understanding your process. This is a time to simply trust and become that which you are in each moment. Not looking ahead or behind you. Not trying to work out what is going on. Instead, being willing to align within this extension of your own heart chamber and witness what is right in the moment.

Natural heart energy
There is a destiny call going out to each one of you to step forward, and allow the vastness of your natural Heart energy to flow within your world. There is to be an interweaving of “the love” that you naturally carry within your multidimensional heart to flow outwards, to emerge into humanity.

The “New Dawning” prophesies tell us that this is the time for the illusion of separation to be over. This transformational process, of becoming, begins within your heart. It is designed to first unfold within you, and then love will naturally transmit out to others.

The internal wars you have created within your self, through self-judgment and self-condemnation, have perpetuated the illusion of separation, keeping it firmly in existence in your world. You, as a race, have continued playing this out in your day-to-day lives — and within your own life. And then you have extended this separation out to others in your world.

Mass transformation
The energetic transformation on your Earth plane through the repositioning of the sun at the time of New Year holds a new frequency design for the mass transformation, lifting the illusion of separation on your planet. Each one of you on a conscious path has an important role to play within this transformational phase. You have each made a series of pre-agreements to hold “energetic platforms” that carry a series of templates containing aspects of love. This is held in an energetic design that will begin to activate, shifting the illusion of separation within the Earth plane at this juncture of transformation.

This journey of building the “platform” begins with you holding a space of love for yourself, one moment in time. This platform, which is destined to be energetically constructed and then held within your heart, will automatically carry a mirroring. This can be likened to you creating a pathway for others to follow, enabling them to more easily move through their own process of transformation, of self-acceptance and ultimately self-love.

You are being asked to begin this first step of the process by initially developing within you a moment of compassion and patience for your human traits of imperfection. Through self-introspection, look at one aspect from your journey where you hold a judgment against your self. Review the experience from the perspective that you have done the best you could in the moment. Open into the truth, that in reality there have been no wrong choices made, that each choice has led you into a perfect learning experience.

Authenticity of truth
There is great significance to opening into this authenticity of Truth. It aligns you into the full potential of each moment: every choice you make opens up the needed experience. You cannot condemn yourself for any decisions you have made in your life!

Another Truth: As a human being you are “perfectly imperfect.” Understand that it is not possible for you to always do things perfectly, for you are always going to make mistakes! Mistakes create the needed learning experiences!

As you open up to these truths, hold yourself with love and compassion for the suffering caused by your self-judgment. Then breathe with your conscious breath (in and out from the mouth) and let go of the old judgments within. As you hold yourself with compassion for all the suffering, for just one moment in time, every cell in your body will carry the imprint of that moment.

Each moment you allow the letting go of the judgment, the “letting go energy” becomes accumulative within the cells. A strong base of self-love will develop within you, and this will move you into an even deeper experience of releasing moments of the judgment.

You will begin to build the “platform” for ending the separation within your heart. This process is an essential role for you to play for yourself right now, accelerating your enlightenment process. The new patterning of light on the planet carries the energy to support you in this resurrection process; it holds the design steady for this next unfolding within you.

A sacred design
Remember that this is your journey, a sacred design that will be a step-by-step unfolding process. There is no requirement for it to be done perfectly. You will have moments where you can hold yourself with acceptance and other moments where you will move right back into a place of self-judgment. This is a natural component of your makeup of being human.

What is important is to witness the times when you move into separation with yourself. Observe, “Oh look, I am judging myself right now.” When this is actually happening, don’t move away from yourself. Simply hold yourself with love, knowing you are not perfect within your human self. Know that you will never do things perfectly! Each time you acknowledge your separation, you change an aspect of the powerful cycle of separation, because you are doing it differently through the recognition.

Your journey has never been about getting it right and doing everything perfectly. The true journey is about self-acceptance of your own imperfection! Self-acceptance is self-love. Self-love naturally ends your separated state within and moves you towards enlightenment. Know that through self-acceptance there will be a building and arising of this element of self-love.

As you progress on this path, you will hold this developed “platform” of self-acceptance steady within your own heart cells. You will then activate another level of your self-realized path by carrying an anchored aspect of this “platform” steady for humanity. Between all of you activating these pathways, there will be the strong forging of this “platform,” which will ultimately transform the consciousness of the multitudes.

Misperception of ego
Remember, there is always going to be a misperception of illusion held within your ego mind. The ego misconstrues what is truly taking place within the moment. This misperception creates a state of separation within you at that moment, taking you away from Truth and bringing you into a place of suffering. When you are in this state of separation, you believe that you need something other than what is taking place right in that moment. The ego mind’s story tells you that somehow you are a victim, and in that moment, you are moved away from owning your own creation of the experience.

These misperceptions of the ego move you away from taking full responsibility for your creation. Instead of opening up to what is there for you to learn and understand about your own human vulnerability, you disconnect and are caught in the illusion held within your ego mind. These misperceptions actually separate you from your heart, from Truth that exists.

This is the plan, which is already underway: the gradual development of self-acceptance, which is initiated through the love of holding and embracing your own humanness. This will be achieved through the conscious action of first accepting all that you have experienced and lived in your lifetime up to this moment — and then being willing to explore the depth of what you have endured, emotionally experienced, through the many scenarios you have created and the choices you have made in this lifetime.

State of separation
Separation is one of the main illusions being staged within your human experience on Earth. The process of shutting down as a result of criticism is a dominating factor playing out within your family groups, communities and between individual countries on your Earth plane. This state of separation has become a basic characteristic of your human persona.

An aspect of the transition underway on Earth is a further building of the “platform” to release this element of separation within community. Your heart can become the stabilizing anchor within your day-to-day life, and you become a witness in your interactions with others. The ego mind moves quickly into judgment. The judgment might even be a subtle thought about another person. (For example: “Look at what they are wearing. They are so loud.”) As you make this judgment, however small, there is an immediate separation process activated in you own heart. You build a wall and an energetic is released within you and outwards to them. This action of judgment closes down the love and closes out the joy within you.

Witness yourself with others, how your mind begins to break down your communication and communion with others through this judgment. Become aware of how swiftly the ego mind wants to break down the connection to close off to others in these subtle ways.

There is never a reason to shut down your own heart to another. You personally need your heart to be open to allow the love to flow. With your heart fully open, you access your True inner power and vulnerability. Vulnerability is strength and this resides within the vastness of your own heart.

No one has the power to hurt you. Only your ego mind can choose to be hurt by another. The ego mind is not aligned to Truth or your heart. The ego mind holds the misperceptions of the illusion. Your heart holds your authentic power. The heart is the one pathway to Truth and love.

Process with sacred sounds
This is a time of great opportunity for self-realization of your heart. We bring forth a series of sacred sounds to support you in building the “platform” for the expression of your own heart’s song. You are original. No other has the same frequency settings within the Heart cells as you. These sounds are designed to fully activate your originality of your heart cells.

Here is the process:

1. Hold your heart with both palms, use the conscious breath and let go.
2. Bring your awareness to connect to the sun’s rays.
3. Use the first sound, ESTAHN ENNN, and bring the sound into the sun’s rays.
4. Then bring the sound, ESTAHN ENNN, within your heart.
5. Use the conscious breath into the heart and let go.

Now repeat all the steps (1-5) utilizing these other sounds. For the second round of steps, use this sound: ENTAH ENNN. For the third round of steps, use this sound: DAHN ESTE.

Utilize this process daily for the self-realization of the activation of your original heart essence. Take this time to BE with your own heart and develop a deep inner anchor within for your stabilization.

You are who you have been waiting for! We witness you as you birth. Blessings, The Pleiadians


  1. Hi there!! amazing information, I have feeling amazing flows of energy sometimes unable to handle them, but knowing that this is perfect alignment with Divine forces. I have been researching kundalini awakening because that is exactly how I feel, my daughter is going through an awakening, she is not aware, that is when I realized that we as collective we undergoing a process, even though it is very hard to watch her suffering, I have been trying to somehow to control her circumstances, so she doesn’t have to go through so much pain. It is hard to watch but pain brings awakening, I also noticed that she wakes up during the night at the same times that I do.


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