When I failed, my Dad always said, “That’s okay, it will build character.”
My life lessons,
Turning loss into inner gain,
Presented in my everyday injuries and sojourns.
Focus on Mindfulness, Compassion, and Strength.

My father,
Without having read any Buddhist thought,
Lived by Buddhist principles.

He, embracing his Greek heritage,
Taught through the Socratic method.

I, Expected to think my way out of any situation.
Think and act, quickly and decisively
Proof of my solutions required.
No blanks on my proverbial answer sheet.
He corrected,
patted me on the back — good try.

He was kind.
His process harsh.
Laziness unacceptable,
Life, a gift to be treasured not escaped, or thrown away.

Building character,
Molding and creating a Super-Being,
Able to withstand the deepest pain and return with love and right;
Able to leap tall buildings and fly.

A gift to have such a man as a father,
When seen properly within context,
Through his principles.

A mindfulness perspective
Averts the tragic path of insecurity and loneliness,
Offers clear beauty and peace,
The character, strength, and intelligence he desired, incorporated.

With reverence I cradled his face in my hands as he took his last breath.
My sweet father died proud of me, his creation, a super-being grounded.


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