I Soul Travel to Heaven


Is it possible for my soul to leave my body and go somewhere else? Years ago I would have said that it was hocus pocus. Today, I can say it is not. I just experienced this again — to a very unique place.

As a Medium, I connect with people who have passed on. I ask them questions and relay their messages, giving them to the people left here on Earth.

Three days ago I asked God to give me a new experience. Well, He never lets me down and did grant my wish. Usually something unique happens to me around Christmas time.

Last year a new plant with white flowers germinated in my cactus planter. The plant lasted one week, and then it died. My deceased father appeared in a dream, sitting at the head of my long dining room table. My son and his wife were sitting opposite each other at the table. My son’s wife was wearing bright pink lipstick. Our dog Sadie, who was put to sleep last June, stood at the end of the table opposite where my father sat smiling at us. I was an observer, standing on the right corner of the table. I could feel my father’s love, stronger than anything you can experience on this Earth. It was awesome to say the least.

My new experience involved soul traveling to what I believe was heaven.

Kenny and his wife, Shirley, were dear friends of mine and our young, growing family. He was a father figure for me. He died four years ago of lung cancer after spending his last month or two in the VA hospital. We all knew that he was going to pass in time. I did not visit him much then and did not go to his funeral, which took place in December with -40-degree temperatures headed our way.

Kenny’s wife was upset that I did not go. I was ashamed that I did not.

Two years later, Shirley died, just two weeks to the day after her husband’s death had occurred. Two years after Shirley’s passing, their son unexpectedly died of a heart attack. All three of them lived together for most of their lives.

As I drove along, I exited the highway and sought some clarity. I said to myself, “Wasn’t it weird that the whole family just left this Earth — all within four years?”

I was lonesome for them and thought how odd it would feel to go into their house and find that they had all left this planet in a mere four years! I thought I was dreaming, but I was not.

My soul left my body and I found myself sitting in a chair on a beautiful lawn talking to Kenny, who was stretched out on the grass with one elbow propping up his head. We were good friends and in deep conversation like we used to be, discussing world events. He lived at a facility that was groomed nicely. The building was five stories high and had a circular driveway. Then he took me on a tour of the city. It was large with several high rises. I knew that I was in new territory and nothing looked like home anywhere.

I asked him, “How will I get back home?” I was a little scared but then…in a split second I was sitting in a train car, which was linked to two other cars, mine being in the middle. There were no walls, ceilings or floors, only the outline of them along the perimeter of them!

I went backwards in a quick fashion. I could feel my heart connection to Kenny as a friend, so strongly that when I heard my significant other cough next to me, I did not want to break the spiritual connection.

I woke and recalled my spiritual journey to my mate. Because we share the same spiritual path, he was not surprised by what I told him.

What a lovely Christmas gift that experience was for me. Never take God for granted, I say. Be careful for what you ask for! I know heaven is in front of us, as I went backwards to get home. I know the location was totally different than where I am or have ever been in my lifetime.

Each and every time I see a passed-on spirit in a dream, they appear radiant and glowing. This, my friend, is not a coincidence!

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Valerie Landy
Valerie Landy is a psychic/medium/card reader and clairvoyant. She is the published author of FairyTale to Murder by Satin Maize, My Blogs for your Soul, written by a Medium and many other articles written and published in The Edge magazine over the years. She does spiritual readings out of her home office in St. Cloud, MN. Schedule an appointment time directly on her website at www.innerintuition.com or call 320.267.4218.


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