Perception is Reality


“Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but you do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”

Humans refuse to look at themselves. We constantly blame others for the pain that we feel and for the things that happen to us. But if you took a step back and truly looked at yourself, you may find that you are your own problem in the world. And if you are your own problem, well then wouldn’t that logically mean that you are your own answer?

You are your own answer. To everything in the world.

I thought that I had hit rock bottom before. Until I hit actual rock bottom. And then after that I then hit another level of rock bottom. And then again. And I am sure I have more to come. 

My life, recently, had been like a pendulum swinging back and forth; when you hit one extreme you inevitably hit the extreme on the opposite end. 

As I continued to hit increasingly lower bottoms in my life, I began altering my own perception of the world and started experiencing highs that I had never felt before. It started to become clear how to stop my pendulum from swinging back and forth from one extreme to the next. It was clear how to find my center.

State of mind
A few months ago when I began to hit increasingly worse all-time lows one after another, I began bouncing back to an abnormal state of mind, an entirely different realm of consciousness I had never entered before. I came to learn that this state of consciousness is not common among the human race.

Humans are taught to live so that we travel through life blinded by an illusion. Often we are unable to admit to ourselves that we are blind. The second that we are aware and conscious of our blindness, the blindness ceases to exist. 

After years researching religion and philosophy, confused and trying to make sense of the world, the shift in consciousness that occurred helped me make sense of everything I had ever heard, learned, seen or questioned. It all made sense, because I realized there was nothing to make sense of. Everything was right in front of me, but I was living with tunnel vision, unable to expand my mind into the depths of my being. In simple terms, this process of understanding is how one finds their balance in life.

One true me
To find my balance, I had to recognize that there is one true me inside — my “true self.” Your true self is covered by false procreations, thoughts and emotions of the world. These procreations, thoughts and emotions are how humans define themselves.

“I am happy.” “I am sad.” “I am a mom.” “I am a son.”

You see, these procreated ideas are not who you actually are. I realized that who I actually am is just a state of being. I am the one who sits back and is aware of these thoughts and ideas talking in my head. I am awareness. I am consciousness. I am. And that is all that I am. All that we are.

Deeper understanding
There are a few people on this planet who believe that this world is mental. It is a form of consciousness, and that is all that it is. At first thought, this generally sounds crazy, but once there are no thoughts and only awareness, a deeper understanding of what they mean sets in.

We enter the world as babies, in a state of consciousness that consists of no words or thoughts to define things. We are nothing but unharmed and untouched souls. It is when humans define themselves — and allow society to define them — that things go bad.

We define ourselves as the multiple personalities that are displayed through the human body to protect our fragile souls; I call them blocks. I bet you aren’t aware that you are most likely suffering from a form of multiple personality disorder. We all have these blocks, but sometimes people don’t even know that they have them. They don’t even know that they are suffering.

This is the “normal” state of mind, which I refer to as “unconscious.” This state of mind consists of plagued mental diseases that each and every human who lives unconsciously is suffering from. This is the state of mind that most people live in for all of or most of their lives. We wonder why the world suffers so much, but there can’t be peace when there is suffering. Humans must realize the extent to which they are suffering before peace can emerge.

Your true self
These “personalities,” or reactions, are subconsciously created to protect our psyche from getting hurt. Essentially, if you reflect and ask yourself who you are, in time you will come to see the persona that you project into the world and that how people perceive you is all just a front that is standing in the way of your true self. It is just incredibly hard to admit that to yourself — and to be aware of it.

The good news is that the moment you are aware of an idea or thought that you have created, then you are free of it. It’s that simple. When you begin to react to something, if you can stop and break the unconscious response, you are free. We are able to train ourselves to do this constantly.

The highs and lows, which lately have become incredibly extreme, is me being able to admit to myself that I am both pure love, joy and goodness, as well as bad, evil and narcissistic. As is everyone else. Good and evil are one and the same. Everything is one. There is no yin without yang. We all must find our balance, center and our Tao to become one with the World.

Constant mirroring
You do this by recognizing that anything you dislike in somebody else is a mirror of what you don’t like or can’t admit about yourself. Mirroring is a psychology term, but many don’t realize that human interaction is commonly toxic and consists of constant mirroring of ourselves back and forth through others. When this is happening, it is impossible to create and maintain a true and genuine soul-to-soul connection. You must dispose of your extra baggage and become aware that you are one with the Universe. I am. 

The universe, God, Buddha, Allah or whatever you prefer to call the Divine force is found from within ourselves, and from within ourselves only. You can’t read about it, become educated on it, or choose to believe in it. It is something that must be experienced. It is found and felt in the depths of your heart and soul.  You must look inwards and experience it.

The way to the soul is the present. You live in the present by sitting back into your consciousness and letting go of everything. Let go of your ideas, personalities and thoughts. Realize that you are your own problem, as well as your own answer.

Quiet your mind
When you let go of everything and let it pass through instead of getting stuck inside of you, you are not allowing your false perceptions, emotions and thoughts of the world to get in the way of true happiness and actual reality. You then can quiet your mind and feel from the depths of your soul and enter a further elevated state of consciousness.

When a shift in consciousness occurs, you begin to experience things that you didn’t even know existed. Those who say that the world is mental say so because when there is a shift in your consciousness, you get a glimpse of the eternal happiness that has been there all along. This is the true definition of heaven. Anyway that you perceive something is how you will believe it to be true. Your perceptions are how you see the world. If you can let go of your perceptions of the world, the truth will seep through and awaken you.

Perception is reality until you are aware that perception really isn’t reality.

The way to eternal happiness is by freeing your soul from your thoughts and emotions, and then recognizing that you are all that you need to be happy. Once you learn to unconditionally love yourself, you then learn to send that love outwards into the world. This is true centering and balance.

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Madelyn Boettner
Madelyn Boettner's soul is presently hidden behind a 20-year-old female from Stillwater, MN. She has been traveling, studying and writing about spirituality, healing and energy for the last few months. Visit Contact Madelyn at 612.310.4902 or [email protected].


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