February Q & A with Eye of Horus


Eye of Horus, founder Thraicie “Tracie” Hawkner, 910 W. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN 55408, 612.872.1292, [email protected], www.EyeofHorus.biz, facebook.com/eyeofhorusmpls

For those unfamiliar with Eye of Horus, give us a little history of your business in terms of when it began and why you started this business. 
Incorporated in 2002, we opened our brick-n-mortar store on Samhain 2003 (10/31/2003). Our first location was too small, our second location was too big, and our third location is just right!

The team at Eye of Horus has come together to provide a safe and positive environment in which to explore personal spirituality. We offer a wide selection of books and supplies, to encompass a variety of spiritual paths.

What is the significance of the Eye of Horus name and how does it represent your business? 
Horus is an ancient god of light and enlightenment. One of his eyes is the sun, and the other the moon. We have chosen the lunar eye for our logo, as it sees deeper into the mysteries of the psyche and soul.

Please keep in mind that our store is not specifically Kemetic in theme, and is not meant to be culturally appropriative. Our focus is on the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of our wide world, rather than a specific region or culture.

How does your business benefit from being owned and operated by women? 
Jane Hansen and I view business with a sense of community, rather than competition. You will feel a welcoming vibe when you enter the Eye of Horus metaphysical store. And you will never experience a “hard sell” approach from our staff. A person can step out of the rat race when they cross our threshold.

What is new and different at Eye of Horus for those of us who may not have visited you for a while? 
We have the largest selection of tarot and oracle decks around! As of this writing, we have 95 different decks in stock, and an additional 180 “demo” decks for you to try out, so you can decide which ones to order from us. We also have a beautiful collection of “Witch Balls,” which are used to capture negative energy. Hand blown in Poland, each one is a unique piece of art. No two are alike. If you are more of a bookworm, check out our tomes from Dr. John Dee, Cornelius Agrippa and Israel Regardie. Also explore our candles and incense choices, certain to enhance your meditation practice.

What have you learned from your patrons that has allowed you to make Eye of Horus an even better experience for everyone? 
Feedback from our clients has helped us to cultivate a very specific environment here at the Eye of Horus. Besides learning what level of interaction our customers are seeking, we have been able to fine-tune our offering of products and services, over the years. Our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

What is your favorite story from your experience working at and leading Eye of Horus? 
My favorite story is of two people who happened to be shopping in our store, at the same time. They had never met before, but really hit it off. Nowadays they bring their youngster in to shop! It’s such a delight to think that we played a hand in bringing these wonderful people together.

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