Trusting the Flow of Life       


A new story is being created on planet Earth, and it’s starring You as the main character! Each of us on our planet is part of the puzzle, and part of the web weaving us all together.  Humanity is on a direct trajectory towards ascension, where our higher vibrations will catapult us into 5th and 6th dimensional living, but sometimes I wonder if we will actually make it? Our natural evolutionary impulse is towards oneness and singularity, yet if we look around, duality and separation seems more prevalent than oneness.

Much of what we see in the news propaganda instigates anger and fear. What arouses in your Soul when hearing about mass shootings, political lies, racism, declining health, and sexual harassment stories? Or about hurricanes, drought, fires, GMOs, chemtrails and the mass vaccine agenda? It’s pretty easy to get caught in the spiraling loop of fear, anger, and negative thinking…Until We Don’t.

Not long ago, I found myself going into that downward spiral of doom and gloom. I was reading and researching and watching news and got sucked into all the horrible this and that. I would lie in bed feeling nervous and anxious over what was happening “out there” in the world, and felt hopeless about what could be done to save the future generations! I want for myself and everyone else to feel safe and protected from the dangers of toxic food and medicines, poisonous EMF radiation, depleted resources, polluted air and water, and horrendous climate disasters.

Then one day while feeling rather depressed, I went to our Medicine Wheel in the woods and performed a simple ceremony, talking to the elements, the four directions and my Higher Self. I was told to stop the doom and gloom thoughts. Being aware is one thing, but I needed to trust that the Universe and all its “events” are fully unfolding in perfect timing and order.  I needed to surrender to the chaos, and realize that transformation comes from change. I made a conscious decision to shift my thoughts and energies to being more positive. We are a free-will planet, and everyone learns, evolves and wakes up according to their own lessons, opportunities, karma and genetically encoded DNA.

After shifting to positive attitude mindset, I felt quite a load lift off my shoulders!

As I learned to more fully integrate this new mindset and become more conscious, I started to see my life and the world through new eyes. Instead of looking at what was wrong with everything, I started to see what was right and felt immense gratitude. I chose to open my heart, and found it easier to smile at strangers, feel compassion for the sick, and be more willing to lend a helping hand. Life started to flow more easily and magically, and I lost interest in the need to fix, save, change or figure out “why?” Sometimes, everything just IS.

With the Minnesota winter cold and clouds settling in, it’s easy to slip into a “funk.” To quickly shift my attitude and raise vibes, some advice I have taken from friends is to perform some body movement or yoga, apply essential oils, get outside into Nature, and affirm the perfection of “All is Well.” As I take small movements towards living my passion and purpose, connect with supportive friends and practice self-care, life becomes a beautiful stage of magic, mystery, oneness and awe!

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