Yoga Balances My Spirit

I have fond memories of being a child practicing yoga with my mother. We sat on the floor and bent ourselves in many poses to strengthen our minds and bodies.

It has served to balance my spirit as life unfolded over the years.

Yoga has always helped to ground my feet to the Earth, allowed me to feel balanced, and assisted me in strengthening my core. It is a way of life that has allowed me to stretch outward and upward and reach for the sun illuminating within.

Waking up in the morning and stretching while breathing in life revitalizes my spirit. Exhaling throughout the day releases the stresses of life. Evening yoga relaxes into a deep meditation, rewarding with a peaceful slumber of dreams that dance through my mind until the morning sunshine gently awakens for another day. Yoga is that complex, yet so simple, to carry with you in life.

Yoga weighs nothing while allowing you to feel the lightness of spirit that soars like an eagle to the top of the mountain to rest on the highest tree top to meditate into the world within you and be at peace in the stillness, knowing all is well. It is empowering and allows me to set flight with dreams, reaching far and wide, coming inward with compassion for struggles and providing tranquility as the breath of life instills peace and calmness into my spirit. I am at peace. I am compassion. I am a warrior of love.

I find myself instinctively doing yoga at the ocean, taking in the beauty with arms outstretched, being thankful for all that life has blessed me with as I take in the spiritual aspects of being outside in the miracles that nature bestows upon us and the love that animals so freely offer us. The feeling of gratitude, compassion and understanding that yoga provides allows me to connect with the Earth and be thankful for all it provides, while balancing my spirit into a sense of inner freedom to break free of the confines of humanity and allow love to flow deeply within me.

Yoga has never been just an exercise for me. It is an awareness we are one with the world, the very dirt we walk on that fills us with nutrition, the sun we reach up to that warms our spirit, the body we occupy that allows us to carry out our life purpose.

The quieting of the mind allows us to hear that which comes forward to share with the world. Yoga assists us in being a better person each day, going forward with love in our hearts. It offers the love that Spirit so freely offers us to experience and then share, coming forward to unite humanity as we stand and reach forward into our inner reservoirs of love.

I am at one with myself. I am at one with all species. I am at one with the world. Namasté.



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