Developing your Psychic Abilities


Psychic ability is an area that is so vast, and so far from human understanding. Such knowledge is unique, mystical and complex.

My interest started with my mind thinking that there had to be more to know in life than what I could see, hear, feel, smell and touch on the physical level. The unseen spiritual level of knowledge that I possess was first recalled to me in my middle-aged years when I remembered incidents of my birth, 4 months old, 6 months of age, one year, two years and up. Some ages are still blocked, but I still hope to remember them.

I attended a Catholic school from grades one through eight, and my eyes and ears were open to the spiritual realm of God, Jesus, angels, and the canonized saints. I remember connecting to Jesus and the angels through pictures and stories, but I could never connect to the important saints celebrated by the Catholic church throughout the year. As a young child I would spend hours playing with imaginary people. I loved being alone in play. At 3 years of age I saw a spiritual lion lying by my bedroom dresser. I told my mother that he was my friend. She agreed.

Throughout my life I was sensitive to light, other people’s feelings, and noise. Other children did not have this problem. They were unaware of what I was experiencing. In high school I had girlfriends and realized that my energy attracted people to me. In my life, I found I could just as easily attract men with my energy.

In my child-bearing years all of my attention was focused on my kids. Those seemed like the best years of my life. Then my life took a sharp turn. Dark energy sabotaged me for 10 years. It was like a plague. This was my learning phase of the dark spiritual side. I was being attacked by witches and warlocks using black magic. It came from the ancestral roots of my family and that of my husband. It ran its course and prompted me to study and run to healers for spiritual healing and psychic education.

I found myself needing to learn how to survive in the spiritual world I was born and married into. It was not pleasant, but the average person does not have to go through what I did. So do not be afraid of my story. I have visited with many healers and psychics who have never experienced evil.

Having experienced that, I could see, hear, feel, smell and sense situations all on a spiritual level. I studied with healers and Native American medicine men. It was a time of spiritual learning and growth, I recall with honor and grace.

At one point, I was told by a psychic that I was very strong and that my mother-in-law was afraid of my strength. She and her coven were set up to stop me from becoming a spiritual healer. My own mother and father had generational roots in the dark side. The harder I was tested, the stronger I became. One day I showed my strength verbally to the woman I had feared and who had set out to sabotage me and my marriage to her son. I learned that my fear of her gave her more strength. When I came forth in power and strength, she gave up the fight for her son. I wish I had done that earlier.

In whatever manner you are called to become a healer, psychic, medium or paranormal advisor, your path is already determined. Go with the flow and learn as much as you can. When you have been taught what you need to know, the door will be opened for you to help others whom “spirit” has sent to you.

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Valerie Landy
Valerie Landy is a psychic/medium/card reader and clairvoyant. She is the published author of FairyTale to Murder by Satin Maize, My Blogs for your Soul, written by a Medium and many other articles written and published in The Edge magazine over the years. She does spiritual readings out of her home office in St. Cloud, MN. Schedule an appointment time directly on her website at or call 320.267.4218.


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