Growing your Intuition through Tarot


Have you noticed that bookstores are full of self-help books, but there aren’t too many that explain how to expand your intuition? That’s partly because there is no solid measure of ability or growth, but mostly because the only way to grow is through practice. That wouldn’t make a very exciting (or long) book! You’ve heard the expression, “Trust your gut.” It truly is the only way to grow your intuition. Trust it. The only true measuring stick of intuition is your own confidence and trust in your self. Trust in your intuition.

A classic example of intuition is one most of you may have experienced. A mother with no logical reasoning suddenly knows that her absent child is on their way home, or worse, is hurt. Have you ever known a mother to doubt this knowledge? No, they accept it and act on it. This is often used as an example, simply because it is the most common experience. Parents are acutely tuned-in to their children and are involved so closely in their daily lives that the intuitive (psychic) bond is incredibly strong. A mother is forced, by nature itself, to trust that feeling, to ensure that humanity survives. Yet, they will likely still tell you that they are not intuitive or psychic. The truth is we all are, but some expand, trust, and practice their intuition more than others.

Your intuition is knowing that your best friend is calling, before the phone rings, and expanding your intuition is taking that experience a few steps further, to knowing a stranger in line at the grocery store is going to be short on money. Always be ethical by not prying into the lives of those who have not given you consent.

I find that reading the Tarot is a great tool to learn to trust, practice and measure your ability. We are only two cards into the deck when the High Priestess asks us to be peaceful, silent and to look within ourselves. The High Priestess insists you have faith and trust what you know. Trust your intuition, your gut, and gain knowledge. Don’t second guess yourself. You must believe in things that are intangible and be willing to accept that you know that which you have not learned, but simply know. Don’t limit yourself to logic and reason or conscious thought.

Yes, Tarot cards have traditional meanings, and it is important to learn them. There are 78 cards, each with a meaning to learn, yet the meanings change, a lot, depending on many factors. Learning them is a daunting task. The keys to learning the Tarot are practice and trusting your intuition. The Tarot is an excellent tool for expanding your intuition in other areas of your life. The Tarot asks you to look for a story in its images — a story that applies to the questioner’s life. It then takes courage to have faith in that story.

One practice is to draw a single card in the morning. You don’t need to know its traditional meaning for this exercise; in fact, to help your intuition grow it is better if you don’t know the meaning or can put that meaning aside. What you need is faith. What does the card say to you? What does it tell you about your day? Is it a person and do you recognize them? Should you seek them out, or avoid them? Are they commanding your attention, or busy in their own world? Should you copy their behavior or be wary of those acting this way? Perhaps the image portrays positive things in your day, or warns of a situation to be dealt with or avoided. Write this down and then put it out of your mind and put the card and paper away. That may be hard to do, but try. At day’s end, revisit your writing and the card. Compare your notes to your day. Was your impression of its message correct? I hope so.

How do you get better, and strengthen your intuition? Trust your gut and practice.

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