I love talking about intuition. I’m known as a psychic and I teach many psychic development classes, but my true calling is to share my awareness and understanding about intuition. I want people to know what it is and why it’s one of the most important gifts we have. This deep inner knowing is a constant resource, informs us directly, and can be called upon for guidance in all aspects of our lives, from running a business to raising a family.

My discovery of intuition began at age 7 when I asked my mom how she always knew things. She had an uncanny ability when it came to knowing things about we kids and the people in our lives. I told her I wanted to be like her, so she started teaching me about intuition. In that era, and through the 1990s, intuition was considered to be this quirky thing that women had and men didn’t. She would point to my tummy and tell me the answers were there. To a 7 year old, that made no sense at all, but my mother kept working with me, helping me to understand.

If a friend asked me over for a slumber party, mom would point to my stomach and ask me what it said. Huh? My stomach knew the answer? What? She never stopped pointing to my stomach when making a decision about something. Sometimes I would actually feel a little pull in there, and other times I felt nothing. Being a logical Virgo, I could be a slow learner when it came to something that seemed so abstract. I wanted a more obvious experience that came fast and spoke loud, like the voice of James Earl Jones. Instead, what I had to practice was listening to a still, small voice within.

In my teens, the quiet voice started to get louder. That voice did help me make decisions, though many times I would receive guidance about my choices and then go in the opposite direction, only to regret my decision. I don’t know if it’s the Virgo thing or stubbornness, but I repeated that process many times while on my learning curve

In my early twenties, I was preparing to become a Unity minister, and I read a book called Lessons in Truth by Emily Cadie. A chapter about intuition said it is the still, small voice of God as referenced in the Bible. What? The voice of God? Really, truly? It wasn’t just this goofy thing that women have and men aren’t privileged to? I asked my minister if intuition truly was the voice of God and he responded with an emphatic “Yes.”

I’ll never forget that night. It felt as though a hundred light bulbs came on in my head, and I realized this part of me was not some “goofy female thing” like my dad had always led me to believe. Instead I had learned how to tap into major guidance from the Universe whenever I needed it. I thought about all the times it was accurate, and that it had never led me astray.

I also learned that it can be a challenge to discern intuition, because we hold a lot of our emotions in the stomach area, including guilt, shame, anger, sadness and fear. Sometimes we confuse the two and think our emotions are intuition, but the most important thing I want you to always remember is that intuition does not have emotion.

It can be a challenge to live intuitively if you have a lot of unresolved emotional pain lodged in your body, but it’s really worth it to practice hearing or sensing your intuition. I think of the dialogue process with my intuition as my own personal GPS to help me maneuver my way through life. It will never lie to you or lead you astray. Intuition will help you get back on track if you’ve wandered off. It knows your path and what you want to accomplish this life time.

So how does this work? Whenever you need guidance, put your attention down in the area between your heart and your gut. You are “listening” for a yes or a no. A “yes” feels energetic and happy, while a “no” feels dead or lacks energy. We have been conditioned to value what our minds tell us over what we sense from our intuition, so try it out on the little decisions first. It takes a bit of training to focus on our intuitive response instead of going into our heads when making decisions.

Intuition is great with timing, and it will help you with schedules, like when to hold the graduation party, when to take a trip, when to go to the busy post office, or where and when to make a purchase. Then when you feel confident about being able to hear the still, small voice, ask for its help on the bigger issues like what’s the best school for you or your child, or when to make a large purchase such as a house or car, and if the purchase is a good one. Have you wondered if you should stay in a relationship or get out? Do you have decisions to make about health and medicine, or about moving, finances or investments? We make a hundred decisions a day and it will guide you with every one of them.

I am grateful that I learned how to hear intuition before I began developing my psychic abilities so that I could discern the difference between the two. Intuition has been invaluable when doing psychic work because it helps me understand the pictures and words I’m receiving in my head and I can go to my intuition for clarity.

In 2006, I wrote a book called A Still Small Voice to help others learn how to discern the silent voice within and live by it’s guidance. The book is full of helpful suggestions on how to live this way of life. To me, intuition is humankind’s best-kept secret. Find it and use it. You’ll never regret it.

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Echo Bodine
Echo Bodine offers psychic readings, healings and teaching spiritual classes. She is the author of 10 books, the latest of which is What Happens When We Die, about death from the soul's perspective. Her online psychic development classes are reaching people all over the globe. She continues to travel and teach psychic development and intuitive development workshops for the Edgar Cayce foundation. Visit Echo's website or contact her by email.


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