Intuition Awareness: 3 Tips for Newbies

I realize now that as a young girl, I was guided to “protect” my younger brothers with my intuition. We often visited my grandma, and hung out at a house a few blocks away with some cousins. There was a man at that house who didn’t feel “right” to me, and I remember when he was around to be sure to lead my brothers and my cousins out of the house and to the playground across the street. Immediately I knew that we were not safe when he was there. I could feel the energy he was emitting and trusted that instinct. I found out as an adult years later that my instincts were accurate as many dark and harmful things occurred around this man and young children.

As an adolescent, I always assumed that everyone had these deep intuitive feelings, but no one talked about them. What I realize now is that every person’s calibration to his or her intuition is set differently. Because of who I am, and what I am here to do, I can calibrate light and dark energy very quickly. It is one of my gifts that through my twenties I didn’t understand. At the age of 29, the gates of intuition were opened fully and everything consciously clicked into place for me.

The following are three things I wish someone would have taught me when I began my intuitive growth journey:

Open Heart Center — Deep continuous breaths will calm the mind and open your heart center, which is the gatekeeper for light-filled Intuition. When well-trained lightworkers channel information for themselves or others, the source of the information comes through the heart center. Multiple clients have come to my team because the psychic advice they received from others in the past didn’t feel congruent with their own heart. This is an amazing lesson in trusting your own intuition! How fun is it that the universe called you to see an intuitive, while the real lesson of the interaction was to point you back to growing your own intuition?!? If there is ever a time when someone is channeling, being intuitive or “psychic” for you and it does not resonate with you, trust your intuition and feel free to discontinue using that source for guidance.

Positive for Self and Others — When intuition is coming from a Light Source, the information received will be given to you as a positive resource for the betterment of your life without fear or guilt attached. Once I had a client who said an “angel” was telling her to stay in her unhealthy relationship because this “angel” had worked so hard on her significant other, and if she left him then all of the “angel’s” work would be undone. This was a red flag for me, and together my client and I brought awareness to the situation to see what was really happening and correct it.

Expect the Unexpected — Intuitive communication from the Universe will come in many ways. The most commonly known messages involve seeing, hearing or feeling something mystically. I would like you to realize that you may ask a question to the Universe consciously or unconsciously and the answer could come back to you as a sensation in your body, or a song on the radio. When you live your life with deep continuous breaths, that sensation or song will naturally trigger an insight or answer for you! Intuition is simply recognizing the signs the Universe is giving you in every moment.

What I’d love for you to connect to is this: We all have the fundamental ability to be highly intuitive. When you are in rapport with your unconscious mind and higher consciousness, you are truly in touch with your inner self. No one outside of your self is the source of all of your information. The more you trust your self and your intuition, the more you will love your decisions. The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them — and your life becomes truly free and flowing.

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Amanda Rangel cofounded IntraAwareness, a Holistic Lifestyle Training System™ that coaches clients from where they are at, to where they want to be, in every area of life. She specializes in Empath Development, Spiritual Guidance, and Awakening, Elevating & Mastering Personal Power Within. She works with those who want to experience something more in life and are ready to take action. She works with her direct connection to the angelic world to help others develop confidence, positive self-image, healthy mind, spiritual connection and fulfilling, connected relationships. Visit, and contact her at



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