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There I stood at the doorway to my mom’s room. It was the middle of the night, and I was tired and frustrated because I had to be up early for school the next morning. I called out in a whisper, “Mom, they’re in my room again touching me.” Can I sleep with you?”

During my teen years, I was often awakened by non-physical beings visiting me at night. My mom’s presence offered a nice distraction from their chatter. I had always seen and heard loving beings and spirits around me as a child, experienced telepathy, and had premonitions. I thought this was how everyone experienced life. However, when I was 15 my mom took me to a psychic to help me understand how to navigate my sixth-sensory experience of the world, and I soon realized not everyone had spiritual experiences.

Although I was interested in my psychic capacities, I was also confused and struggled with how to navigate living between the spiritual and physical world. My quest for knowledge related to spiritual experiences and intuition development began out of necessity. I wanted to know how to live a normal life and not be bombarded by the psychic realms.

After studying spiritual and conscious development for 24 years, I personally understand how innate psychic capacities can become skillful intuition. Intuition is the capacity to consciously tune one’s internal psychic dial, to mindfully choose where they want to focus their sixth-sensory abilities. And yes, everyone has natural psychic capacities that they can choose to develop and utilize.

The one tool I wish I had years ago for developing personal intuition was knowing how to embody myself more fully. True intuition is the ability to be present with and know thyself. Through conscious embodiment you will fortify self-awareness and healthy boundaries. This allows you to clearly tune-in and use your sixth-sensory perceptions, without losing your sense of self.

The easiest tool any person can implement for conscious embodiment is to have a daily meditation practice focused on feeling the breath inside their body. Anyone can do this and it is free! When you practice conscious body breathing, you root your awareness inside yourself. Over time the practice will train your mind to calm and your natural intuitive sensory perceptions will automatically open.

Conscious Body Breathing Practice:

1. Sit in a comfortable position on a meditation cushion or with your feet on the floor, in a place where you will be free from distractions. Set a timer for at least 10 minutes. If you are distracted or uncomfortable at any time, come back to feeling the breath and affirm you are safe in this present moment.

2. Close your eyes and feel your breath in your body. Imagine swallowing your mind from the brain, along the spinal cord, down inside your chest to rest in the heart. Feel the inhalation and exhalation expand and relax the muscles of the chest and back behind the heart. Continue to consciously breathe in this part of the body for several breaths.

3. Move your breath awareness below the diaphragm and breathe into the stomach, sides of the body, and the middle back. Feel the breath moving in this area of the body. Breathe here for several minutes to relax even deeper into your body. Swallow your mind and breath awareness down into the lower abdomen and low back. Enjoy the quality of relaxation and sensation awareness that arises. When your timer chimes, you are complete.

This practice trains your mind to relax and provides a fertile ground for an intuitive dialogue with your personal inner guidance system. After daily implementation of this technique for a couple weeks, you can evolve your practice by writing down a question you would like insight on, prior to the meditation. Upon completion, have a pen and paper handy and spend a couple minutes free writing information and insights that are streaming through. When it comes to expanding your intuition, the best way to receive information is to be relaxed and unattached. Trust the guidance that flows, and have fun and be gentle with yourself.

A free extended audio recording of this conscious body breathing practice is available at

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Cheryl McCallister
Cheryl McCallister is a lifelong intuitive, energy healer and spiritual teacher with over 15 years of professional experience in the transformational healing arts. Cheryl works with individuals around the globe, offering intuitive consultations, transformational coaching, mediumship and energy alchemy. She is is trained in mindfulness meditation, energy healing, yoga philosophy, and plant spirit healing, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Contemplative Somatic Psychology. She is certified in Transformational Coaching, Angel Therapy, Healing Touch and Integrative Energy Therapy. Her passion is to inspire and connect individuals through the indelible quality of grace that guides positive transformation, instills emotional and mental clarity, and ignites one’s personal capacity for psycho-spiritual healing and joyful living. Visit and contact Cheryl at [email protected].


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