Intuition’s Journey


It is said that life is a journey, not a destination. How is one to map out this journey? How are we to know what to do to get to this destination?

We have something deep inside of ourselves that most others call intuition. Some call it your gut feeling. It helps us to know exactly what we should do in any given situation. The only thing is, do we listen to ourselves?

The Aboriginals believe that we have three brains. The biggest brain being our gut feeling or instincts. The next brain is our heart and emotions. The last and smallest brain is our logical brain.

We tend to listen to our logical brain that holds all our worries and stresses. The more we live by our logical brain, the more problems we experience.

We have to realize that when we get that gut feeling, and if we don’t act upon it, that feeling is then sent to our heart and emotion brain and gets further filtered. If we don’t act upon it there, it gets sent to our logical brain, where deeper filtering continues.

After all this filtering, is it any wonder we don’t listen to ourselves?

When we don’t listen to our gut feeling, then the heart and logical brain will translate that feeling into something from this physical plane. Many times nothing good comes from this.

The Aboriginals believe in listening to their gut feeling or intuition first. The more we listen to our intuition, the better our lives become. We start to instinctively know what is right or wrong. We learn to do what is right — not because of what we have been told, but because it’s the authentic thing to do.

Do you know what our intuition is? It is our soul. Our soul is the source of the Divine within us. Learn to trust your own divinity. It will not cause you harm.

Trust your gut. Listen to your intuition. Know your soul. At the beginning of every day, during your morning ritual, have a conversation with your soul. Ask how you are both doing and then ask how the both of you can make this a better day.

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Toni Sage
Toni Sage is a mother and grandmother who has always believed that there is more to life than what we have been told. Intuitive since birth and with over 40 years experience in psychic readings and healings, Toni’s private practice is based in Mason City, Iowa. Visit


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