Keys to Intuitive Creation


I think intuitive ability is gaining insight when we access our souls. Accessing my soul gives me the feeling of “Yes! I know who I am and what I am doing.” I feel a deep peace in the center of my being, even if the world and people around me are swirling in chaos.

Years ago while rollerblading, I came upon a young family. The mother, with her back toward me, was facing her infant in a carrier on the father’s back. The infant’s eyes were huge and round, totally focused on the mother’s face. As I coasted by them on the narrow path I turned to look at the mother’s loving face. Despite my close passing, neither broke their focus on each other. The mother reached up, touching her baby’s cheek.

Awestruck, I stopped to take in this picture of intimacy. Then energy came down upon me and a deep voice spoke within me saying, “This is how I care for you.” I stood there crying for maybe 10 minutes. As I began to leave, the voice spoke again, “And this how you are to care for others.” Later I was told the voice was the Father.

Mother Mary shared with me her childhood story.

“When I was about 7, I spoke to the Father often. He would hear me and answer, and I would feel surrounded and fulfilled in his love. As I grew, I wondered if a father could be available internally to me, why not a mother? When I was about 10, I first felt the Mother’s response. She appeared as a huge single mountain rising from the plains. She spoke: ‘Find me within you, my dear daughter. Know that you are solid, unshakable and complete in yourself.’

“I found this vision reassuring and played it over and over in my mind. I felt my feet firmly on the ground and my stance straight and tall. I felt peace in my heart, and self-acceptance that allowed me to see the other people around me also as complete in themselves. Then, when they looked at me, I could see and feel what they were feeling and hear what they were telling me. I could understand and feel within me how I could change and grow, taking their experience within me as well as my own.”

As a principle, the Mother to me represents solidity and completeness within self, and a self-love, allowing opening to differences in others which we can take within ourselves, feeling ourselves changing and growing. The Father represents connection, love, approval and protection.

These principles are two clusters of feelings we can find within ourselves. We need both in our creation processes, whether for our own internal growth, our relationships with others, or our work in the world.

Perhaps a feeling cluster might seem like an abstraction: words and thoughts in the mind. Take each feeling word of a cluster simply as a thought, then find where you feel the sensation of that feeling/thought in your body. Create or recall a memory or image that captures it.

When you create a group of associated feelings/thoughts/sensations/images/memories, you can bring these forward in your mind and body when you choose. This evoked state can guide your coherent creation process, your series of decisions/actions, or your interactions with family or coworkers.

Working on this article, I found myself continually distracted by news, email, etc. Was I stuck in avoidance? Looking back, I began to berate myself. But I chose instead to recall the centered feeling of my soul, the unconditional love of the Father, and the completeness within self of the Mother. Before bed, I reviewed the little I had written, and created questions of how I might go forward to seed my thoughts and dreams of the night.

During the night, my soul repeatedly placed before me an entirely unrelated problem. It was a rough night. But lying comfortably in bed the next morning, I could evoke the feelings and process of the feminine principle, focus on the presence of Mother Mary, and intuitively come to clarity on the major questions I had seeded the night before. That clarity allowed me to complete this article in joy, peace and freedom.

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