Meditation, Intuition, and Personal Evolution


In the early ’90s while taking Spiritual Development classes from Echo Bodine, I discovered that when I received information psychically I would hear voices outside of myself, usually above, to the right or left of my head. I later also discovered that if one of my ears was ringing, there usually was an important message coming through.

So for me, something I hear outside of myself would be psychic information. Intuition, on the other hand, comes from my gut — that very deep part within me, the soul or spirit within — sharing a deep knowing and/or trusting.

During my time studying with Echo, a friend gently suggested that meditating could help me relax more. I continued to put it off, rationalizing that because I never had the experience of others (while in her classes), it just wouldn’t work for me. I had a lot to learn!

I put it off until I realized that everything I read and heard about meditation emphasized its importance. I was going through some pretty rough, dark weeks of the soul, so I finally succumbed, and with the help of a drumming tape, I started practicing clearing my mind — no easy task at that time, being the poster child for the Type A personality.

After three or four weeks doing a 20-minute daily practice, I had my first profound experience. It was a cold, blustery, winter day in Minnesota. My eyes were closed and I had been meditating for about 10 minutes. My mind clear, I was in the hypnogogic state (between awake and sleep), when all of a sudden I “felt” a light. It was like the sun was coming out from behind a cloud. I opened my eyes just a tiny crack, to see if, in fact, that is what happened, but it was still dismal outside. I immediately closed my eyes and instantly was aware of “whiteness” enfolding me, followed by a wonderful feeling of peace and unconditional love, ecstasy and bliss.

“What is this?” I asked in my mind.


I immediately wrote down the name, then resumed relishing in the experience.

After coming back to my Earth reality, I phoned a friend and asked her if she knew what a Metatron was. She said she wasn’t certain but thought he was one of the higher angels.

Similar experiences happened regularly over the next weeks, and whenever I asked Metatron to come in, I would get a feeling of whiteness, light and unconditional love. This certainly motivated me to keep meditating!

Later, when I began teaching meditation, I asked (in my mind) for him to come so the students could experience him, and sure enough, most of them would say they had experienced either light or love, and one student said she opened her eyes to see if a vent or fan was blowing on her! Another felt a breath of air, “something like wings,” going by in front of her body. I then shared how I had invited Metatron to visit.

Even later I discovered that Metatron is one of the Archangels, and is known, particularly in the Jewish Kabbalah, for white light and unconditional love. Go figure!

Nowadays, you can easily look up guidelines to meditation, as there are a plethora of methodologies. May I suggest you try them with the understanding that meditation is a trance state — one of many we can achieve — and how each individual achieves a mild, medium or deep level trance is as varied as leaves on a tree. I suggest you first set the intention to meditate, and try different methods until you find what works for you. It could be walking in nature, watching the clouds, breathing deeply while sitting, breathing shallowly while sitting, listening to relaxing music, watching a sunset, listening to the wind, or any other method that allows your mind to be clear.

Over the many years since these events, I have become committed to a regular meditation practice and it has evolved exponentially, primarily due to practicing meditation and self-hypnosis.

But that is another story. Now to meditate…my right ear is ringing!

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Madonna Kettler
Madonna Kettler, Ph.D., is an award winning transformational hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy trainer, energy worker and author who has been dedicated to raising her consciousness as well as that of All That Is for nearly 30 years. She facilitates life-changing workshops and trainings around the country. For more info, call 575.534.1291 or 612.709.5578 or email [email protected].


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