A Pleiadian Message: Move Consciously to Oneness

Beloved Ones, we greet you. Planet Earth is on the threshold of yet another transformational turning point. Since the sun has repositioned itself in relationship to your planet at the time of the New Year, your Earth plane has undergone major transformational processes.

Your planet has birthed a new multidimensional framework, strongly expanding the grid systems. There has been an energetic matrix open around the planet, to further support the emerging of an ever-expanding multidimensionality that carries an aspect of the natural makeup of Earth. This matrix is playing a role likened to a womb, stabilizing the planet, as well as holding you individually as you move through your own metamorphic transition.

The magnetic core within Earth is stabilizing a pure frequency to enable the rotation cycles within your axis point to activate new imprint patterns for the awakening of your consciousness. These energetic patterns are designed to further lift the veils of illusion, enabling an unearthing of the hidden density within the structures, all structures on the planet, including mankind. These processes are going to be heightened as this happening unfolds this month.

Towards the end of this month an accelerated quickening will take place on your planet. The sun is destined to move once again, creating access to yet another multidimensional repositioning. The sun’s rays will be carrying a magnified frequency of dimensional light consciousness to Earth. There is to be a moment where these pure forms of light rays will enter the planet, creating an explosion of light consciousness never witnessed before on Earth. These rays will act like a laser, forging a doorway of light consciousness within your planet, reopening energetic grids that have been lying dormant until now.

Doorway of light
This doorway of light will be establishing new dimensional settings across the full spectrum of the Earth plane, strongly impacting the energetic makeup of the planet on a multidimensional level, and creating a further shift within the magnetic core. This light will be the catalyst for lasting change and will continue to accelerate your transition of the “New Dawning” era. This will herald in the beginning of the third phase of your transition within the “New Dawning.”

This doorway of light is designed to deeply effect and interact within the heart, revealing pathways that exist within the cells, and expanding the cells dimensionally. You will go through a metamorphic shift within the heart. Your energetic makeup will become much more fluid, allowing you to more easily navigate your self within the higher multidimensional realms. Pathways will be revealed to you and an expanded fluidity will enable you to move effortlessly beyond the veil to forge deeper alignments with your Higher Self.

This repositioning of the sun will be temporary, not lasting for more than a few minutes in your time frame. However, this movement will strongly impact Earth, and it will have ongoing repercussions, creating powerful ripples weeks after the event. Your planet will never return to its original state prior to this experience. This is an important timeframe for humanity — an essential happening that has been predestined for eons.

Your resident universe will be converging as one consciousness. The Earth will be a point of focus at the time of the repositioning of the sun to support this transitional next step. Many of you who have developed conscious galactic ties will be strongly involved within this universal convergence. Understand that you have an integral part to play within these Universal roles. Many of you have been working tirelessly in your mission of preparing Earth energetically for this time. You are being asked to open with your forged alliances to prepare yourselves in readiness for this upcoming process.

Earth is going to be realigned within its original multidimensional makeup, which will allow you, as a race, to move into a more natural alignment within your universe. This means that the frequency vibration of your planet will begin once more to resonate to the same pulse as the universe. Earth will be in direct alignment to its universe for the very first time in the history of the planet.

Flow of change
Change. Expect change on a grand scale. Through this metamorphic shift there will be created a powerful flow of change set in motion throughout the planet. This will take place on many different multidimensional levels.

You can absolutely know and trust that there will be an ongoing shift of consciousness taking place within you through this transitional phase. Change will be constant within the ripples activated by the rays, and that change is going to flow throughout your personal world. This is definite. Without a doubt there will be a constant shift that takes place within you and within your life, so each day let go with that knowingness. This is the time to embrace these changes fully within your heart.

In Truth, nothing stands still. There is a part of your human ego mind that always wants to hang on to the past, and to hold close to what is familiar. At this juncture, it is imperative that you let go and allow what needs to be unfold fully. What is key right now is your willingness to let go and be so that you can unfold with ease and flow. There is no need for struggle in this process. Resistance brings struggle.

We remind you of this picture: You are holding onto the branch of a tree and you are hanging above a river. The current in the river is gentle and the water is warm. To let go involves a simple process. All you have to do is open your fingers off the branch of the tree. You fall softly into the river, your river of light. The current of this river moves you gently, repositioning you to where you need to be now. You are held, carried and embraced by your own river of light. The current of this river takes you effortlessly to where you need to be. What is essential is not to fight the current. You can trust where you are being taken, for there is no reason to resist your own current of light.

This is the letting go energy we speak about often. This is your time to let go and fall into your river of light, which is aligning you back home to your Higher Self. You are not alone and never have been. Open now into the willingness to “let go.”

Conscious breath
An important component of the “letting go” process is utilizing the conscious breath. This involves a conscious choice action by you of taking a breath in and out of the mouth — with no control of your outbreath, because that will control what you are letting go. Just simply breathing in, and then letting the outbreath flow freely outwards. And then, opening to the feeling of something releasing within you as you focus on your outbreath. This is letting go action through using the conscious breath.

You are not looking for perfection in this letting go process. Simply allow moments of being in the “letting go” process. Each individual moment you have within this process is paramount to breaking down the old cycles of self-sabotage that have been operating within you. These moments become accumulative, so you will build a base of self-liberation within as you choose to move into the letting go process, moment by moment.

At this juncture, you need to consciously accept the fact that great change is coming to your world. As you anchor a conscious acceptance for change within your self and within your world, you will automatically activate an alignment into a natural flow of a current of light, your river. Then, doors of opportunity will begin to open up for you within this flow. This conscious acceptance by you of change is necessary for the completion of your mission. This is the time to allow your self to be repositioned, like the sun.

As you are being repositioned, you are realigned into a multidimensional sacred aspect of your Higher Self. As you let go, you are able to transcend through the veils to reconnection for a self-realization. This is your time to shine forth your unique light within the world from the vastness of your own heart.

Coming transformations
You need to consciously prepare yourself for these upcoming transformations. The preparations are simple. Simply choose a conscious action and follow the steps of flow.

• Develop a connection within your heart. Hold your physical chest with both hands. Then bring your awareness to the feeling of your hands on your chest. Use the conscious breath into where you feel your hands on your heart. Develop this connection by letting go within your heart. Claim your heart.

• Open up consciously within your heart, saying “yes” to the upcoming changes in your life.

• Work with the “letting go” energy with the conscious breath.

• Work with the energy of the sun’s rays by building a conscious union with the sun. Watch the sunrise and open to the sun’s rays. Use the conscious breath and let go into the rising sun. Bring your awareness to where the sun is touching your body, and open your awareness into the sunlight. Use the conscious breath and let go into the energy of the sunlight streaming on you.

• Build your connection to the natural forces. Lie on the Earth, use the conscious breath and let go into the Earth. Place your palms on the Earth and feel the connection through your palms, then breathe and let go into the connection. Open to the wind, and feel the wind on your face, on your arms and on your legs. The fire element holds a creation energy, melting away the density within you. Bring your awareness into the fire, then use the conscious breath into the fire and let go. Open into the water element, use the conscious breath into the water and open into the fluidity of the water, breath and let go into the fluidity.

Each one of these elements will support your system in the next step of this transitional phase. The natural forces are here to support you in your integration process within this transition. The rocks, trees, mountains and oceans carry a powerful and transformational integration frequency that you can tap into for another level of support. They carry and mirror Truth, light and peace to you. Utilize these tools, for these are gifts that you have been given.

All of these steps are designed to prepare you to acclimatize in this new environment of Earth. These simple steps will be enough to support you fully in the right moments.

Know that we, the Pleiadians, remain with you throughout this entire transition. We witness you. There is great honor within your journey, as you transition through this phase on your earth plane. Blessings, The Pleiadians.



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