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NuHealing Health Psychology & Archangel Healing

Phone: 605.940.1214
Email: [email protected]
Location: 215 N. Cedar St., Luverne, MN 56156
Business Hours: By Appointment

At NuHealing Health Psychology and Archangel Healing, I provide the most powerful form of energetic healing available today. The Archangels address your health issues and spiritual struggles with tremendous ease and love. I work with Archangels who know you and already know what is required to bring about your healing. The link I facilitate connects them to the energy of your body/mind intelligence. Then the determination is made to heal what it has not been healing. Leaving no stone unturned, the archangels “look” at what may be blocking or hindering your body from healing itself and facilitate removing those blocks. Once those are removed, they direct what steps I take energetically to enable your body to heal itself.

We start with the knowledge that your body was created and designed to heal itself. This natural process is called homeostasis. So, if your body is not healing, then why isn’t it? What is creating the block that somehow has allowed you to remain sick, depressed, or diseased when you are designed to heal? These are pertinent questions.

As one who possesses a Masters in health psychology and a Certification in Archangel Healing, I have seen the amazing difference in the life altering effect the Archangels have because they know exactly what you need the most. The healer does not need to know because the Angels know what is the most beneficial approach to bringing you to a state of health.

Once one has experienced a healing session the mind expansion and accelerated Spiritual Growth is very evident. Call Today for a free consultation and determine to encounter the energetic power of the Healing rays of the Archangels today.

Energetic Healing, Archangel Healing, Nutritional & Herbal Consultations, Educational Classes, Seminars

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