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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Empaths: What I’ve Found to Protect Myself

Yeah, we can be loud. Yes, we can be somewhat intense. We can have anxiety disorders and ADHD, among others. We're doctors, lawyers, nurses,...

LaJeanne Runnels

The Edge Directory: Holistic Resources Psychic Readings, Classes & More Phone: 763.227.9577 Website: Free-will Psychic Reader (35 years); Silva Advocate (36+ years); Silva UltraMind ESP Instructor (classes for everybody: Naturally psychic, professionally trained; featured...

Word for Word

You sewed yourself to my soul ages ago and so I know you I have always known you word for word

We are Beings of Light

I graduated in 1969 from Wayne State University in Michigan with a degree in physics. I left Detroit and headed west to Denver, where...

EarthTalk® | March 2018

Dear EarthTalk: Can you settle this age-old question for me once and for all: Is it greener to take showers or baths? And how...