Take a Chance on Intuition, take a Chance on You!


You are on your way to work and suddenly you get the urge to take a different route. Why would you do this? You are already running late and you know the shortest route, so why would you go another way? And there it is. Two miles up the road, there it is an accident or broken stop light — and now you are stuck.

You say, “Ugh. I should have taken that way. Now I’m screwed and am going to be really late.” Your stomach starts to get upset and you begin to feel tightness in your chest. Now you worry about all of the things you have to change, reroute and reschedule to make up for this lost time. What happened here?

You didn’t listen to your intuition.

So what is intuition? Intuition is that small voice inside your gut. It’s that little nudging that always knows best but isn’t always listened to. It has no emotion, remains neutral and guides you with information given BY YOU to make life a little easier, a little more flowing. It is, if not immediately apparent, always correct. It is constantly hinting its way through your life, lovingly and patiently.

I always tell my students that intuition is the “Bat-Line” to our Soul. (Reference: Batman & Robin TV series circa 1960s). This is not to be confused with psychic information, which comes from outside sources, such as angels and spirit guides. It is literally your Soul speaking to you. It is a quiet, personalized GPS to gently guide you through the challenges and experiences that you and others have put before you.

So we know what it is and where it comes from, but how do we work with our intuition?

Simply listen and follow. It is the hardest and simplest process. Yeah, I know…”We can’t hear it.” “We are too busy to take the time to connect.” “How will we know that it will be right?”

Well, you can hear it and you already do! How many times have you said that you should have listened to your gut? Or you knew this or that was going to happen. You are already hearing/feeling/knowing your intuition every day. You just may not be recognizing it.

No one is too busy to connect, because it comes to you instantaneously as you need it — without you even asking! Your intuition is you! What could be more convenient than that? Intuition is your built-in guidance system and it already knows what you need and it’s helping you right now!

Your intuition will always be correct in what you need. The physical results may come to you differently than what you expect, but in the end it will materialize exactly as to what your Soul desires to happen. Your brain may try, and will succeed many times, to convince you that it knows better — and this is the hardest part: how to be confident about what you are receiving.

Here is a bit of homework for you. The next time you are aware that your intuition is nudging you in a different way than you are currently directed, stop and take a chance. Follow your gut. It will probably be on something pretty benign during your day, so go with it. Nothing will be lost. No harm done. Enjoy the experience of following your gut, and when you realize the reason for the new direction, thank yourself for following it.

So, when you want to buy that Triple Mocha Latte for $7 but your gut says, “not today,” go with it, don’t question it. One of your kids may come to you later that day asking for an extra $5. Now you have it! Or, with the extra time that was saved by just getting a poured cup of coffee, instead of that other creation, you may get to your car faster and not miss your long lost friend in the parking lot! (This just happened to me!)

Don’t chalk it up as coincidence (in the psychic biz we call that the “C-word”) because it’s not. It is you simply following your own guidance, your Soul talking to you. It’s natural, it’s beautiful. It has to be. It’s you!

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