We are Beings of Light


I graduated in 1969 from Wayne State University in Michigan with a degree in physics. I left Detroit and headed west to Denver, where I got a job with a large computer company.

There I met a man engrossed in Tibetan religion. I identified with what he said and began a trip to understand the universe around me.

I became a seeker. I attended many self-help classes, including the Dale Carnegie course, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” I became involved with Buddhism, Scientology and Indian Sioux religion. I met with and talked extensively with adherents of Christianity, Mormonism and Hinduism. The trip stretched over years. Reincarnation was a large part of this trip. Hundreds if not thousands of past lives were viewed. Some of them took me back before time and space existed.

I learned of a very critical event. Before time existed, there was a war. The religions I studied appeared to have it in their teachings. The Hindus talk of a big war in the deep past. They talk of lightning bolts being thrown while great gods rode in chariots. Christianity talks of a conflict between God and the Devil. In Scientology, there is talk of a basic-basic engram or a wall of fire.

The important point here is that after this battle occurred, then matter, space, energy and time appeared. In essence, the creation of our physical universe was a weapon in this war.

And now, I can tell you what this paper is about. The creation of this universe consisted of the creation of many small points manifested by the consciousness of the spirit beings involved in this war. We call these small points photons. As a seeker, I sought to ferret out how photons manifested that which we call universe. I applied my education in physics to see what this meant.

While we observe photons as light, if a vast number of photons cluster, spinning about each other, we observe this as matter. The mass of an object is determined by the number of photons whirling about each other. Space is the result of photons changing position. Time is defined by the change of position. Energy is the size of the loops of photons as they whirl about.

There are some experiments in physics that bear this theory out. One is an observation made by Paul Dirac, the well-known physicist. He observed that when a high energy light beam passed near a heavy particle, matter appeared out of nowhere. My explanation is that when the high energy beam of light passed near a heavy particle, the concentration of photons was so high, the sudden grouping appeared as matter.

Consider atom smashers called cyclotrons. They spin particles at high speeds in different directions and smash them into each other. This is done ostensibly to break them apart into smaller particles to study what matter is made of. The smaller particles then decay, giving off energy. The physicists used detectors to measure the energy given off, revealing what kind of particles made up the original atoms.

This is a key point. When they measure the energy given off, they are measuring the number of photons the collision yielded — that is, the energy is the photons. The point is that the smashing simply broke an atom apart revealing what it is: photons.

Another interesting demonstration utilized a cloud chamber. A cloud chamber is used to detect high energy particles coming from outer space. When a particle from outer space zips through the chamber, it leaves a trail of water droplets just before the chamber is filled with a cloud. At that first moment, a picture is taken of the chamber and the trail of the particle zipping through it.

When the chambers were set up to wait for a particle to fly in from outer space, matter appeared out of nowhere in the chamber. They became known as virtual particles. To date, the effect has not been explained.

One can understand that we are surrounded by photons. We can understand that photons are everywhere. Occasionally and randomly, enough photons gather at some point and manifest matter. That is what is going on in cloud chambers when virtual particles suddenly appear and disappear. This event occurs throughåout space in our entire universe.

Well, we have arrived at the end of my trip. The point of this paper is to show all matter consists of photons. Hence, we are beings of light.

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Al Schneider
Al Schneider graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit with a BS in Physics in 1969. Most of his life was spent as a professional programmer concentrating on industrial and scientific applications. His first love in life is the study of quantum physics. Other pursuits included religion, magic, karate, sword fighting, skiing, and golf. He has published many books on magic deception and some on computers and new age information. Two books of distinction are New Age Quantum Physics and Reincarnation A-Z w/o BS, available on Amazon.com. Al has lectured at many magic conventions and at Embedded Systems Conferences on computers. He is now retired, living in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.


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