Your Health And Your Intuitive Abilities


Intuition, commonly referred to as our “sixth sense,” is our ability to perceive our inner and outer environment on a higher level. Intuition is described as a knowing, a gut feeling, or can even come in the form of an epiphany. For many, the intuition is largely found to be centered in the gut region, or solar plexus area of the body. That’s why we often say we have a “gut” feeling.

The body is a temple. And we understand the concept of feeding one’s soul with purpose, and feeding one’s mind with knowledge, but what about feeding one’s body? Does diet stop purely at a physical level? Can diet affect our extrasensory perception?

Our diet, believe it or not, can play a large role in how well our intuitive abilities can operate. Whether you choose to be vegan, a raw foodist, or strictly paleo, it is the quality of the food and products we use that is most important. In order for our intuitive abilities to function strongly and clearly, we need to reside in a state of equilibrium more often than not. But when our nervous system is activated by stress on the body, whether it be toxins ingested by food, our environment, or both, hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are produced, while our intuitive abilities are reduced. Consuming processed foods, with added hormones, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and GMOs, for example, irritates the body, and these have been shown to even increase the risk of many diseases.

We can see the effects, albeit they may be subtle. Some people rely mainly on their dream life for example, for spiritual guidance. Chemicals in the diet, and prescriptions, can greatly reduce and alter sleep patterns, making it harder for some to connect to that. For other people, they may feel or sense things, a form of intuition called clairsentience. This amazing ability also can be hindered by diet and one’s overall health, if one is highly stressed or agitated.

The good news is that we have control over what we choose to put into our bodies. Foods that are clean, local and in season, have much more prana or life-force energy than food that is conventional and shipped from long distances. Products that are natural and organic are easier on the body. And plant and animal products that have had a good quality of life, coupled with being humanely killed and honored, leave a much stronger and healthier energetic footprint.

When it comes to working with our intuition and higher forms of perception, we must be operating at a higher energetic frequency. And the quality of our diet and overall health can greatly influence this. For many dedicated to living a spiritual life, one’s diet and health is just as important as making time for meditation, prayer and ritual. Perhaps there is a connection between our body’s ability to process and assimilate food in the gut region, and also process and assimilate other forms of knowledge there, as well. But hey folks, it’s just food for thought!

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Danielle Germain
Danielle is a writer who has a passion for spirituality and helping people navigate darkness. Her work focuses on Bereavement, Life After Death, and Spiritual Growth, and can be found on her website


  1. Thanks so much Justin! There are so many great contributors on here, and The Edge is a great magazine. I’m happy to be a part of it!

  2. Do you mean this machine will help me to have more and quick intuition that help them to understand the peoples body language and therefore how they think? But, I think people do have good to moderate intuition? Does this not enough?

  3. Hi Txoler,
    Good question. I agree with you that we all generally have a natural ability to read other people, and that is a form of intuition itself. What this article is saying is that what we ingest has an effect on our bodies. The nervous system and the endocrine system in particular ha a strong effect on our moods, our brain, and general well being. So when these are weak it can make it hard to tap higher levels of communication. Likewise, when they are strong, we have greater resiliency and are calmer, thus allowing us to be more in the flow.


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