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Stopping Self-Sabotage & Creating Synchronicities

The Twin Cities are one of five cities that will host Marilyn Harper, channel for Adironnda from the 17th Dimension and The Council of Light, on her tour to help us stop self-sabotage and create synchronicities. Harper, an intuitive coach, spiritual teacher and healer using Reiki and Quantum Touch, returns to the Cities for just the second time since the 1990s, when she underwent her own transformation and was learning how to be a conduit for the Light.

A former Christian church deacon who once thought Shirley MacLaine’s books were sacrilegious, Harper had a walk-in experience similar to those described by author Ruth Montgomery in her book Strangers Among Us, when a soul that has completed its mission on Earth departs the body and is replaced with a more advanced soul that arrives with a new mission, to assist in the spiritual advancement of humanity. To find assistance with that personal transformation, Harper participated in a Walk-ins International conference and became part of the Twin Cities-based Walk-ins for Evolution, led by the late Liz Nelson.

The rest of the story, as they say, is history. Her spontaneous channeling of Adironnda following an automobile wreck propelled her into the public spotlight as a source of information and training designed to uplift the frequency of all of us during this time of transformation.

She will be in the Twin Cities on April 21-22 to present workshops on stopping self sabotage and creating synchronicities, as well as to channel Adironnda and The Council of Light. More information and registration is available at

Marilyn Harper spoke with The Edge from her home office in Springfield, Mo., about her personal journey and the workshops she will be presenting here this month.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. For those who don’t know who you are, how would you describe who you are and what you offer the world?
Marilyn Harper: Well, let’s see. I was born in Kansas, live in Missouri. I’m a spiritual facilitator and channel. I facilitate Plurkshops: Play plus Work equals Plurk. We facilitate them all over the world. We also travel with Lee Carroll, who channels Kryon, and I have been channeling since 1999 and more intensively since 2010.

Who is Adironnda and what was your first experience with Adironnda?
Good question. Adironnda is a spokesbeing for The Council of Light. Adironnda is from the 17th dimension and has never communicated through a human form before they encountered me. In 1999, they first came in, upon first request when I realized I was not really present in my body. The Universe arranged for me to have someone there present with me who knew and could recognize the fact that I was not present, and knew what to do about it. They knew how to set my conscious self aside and ask, “Who is present?” or “Who is connected?” and Adironnda came in immediately.

Adironnda said they were a messenger from Source energy, the source of all that is, and that they were a spokesbeing for The Council of Light, beings that have been in physical form on this planet, and archangels. They are connecting with the people on Earth because, according to their guidance, the people on the Earth are not getting it quite quickly enough to accommodate the shift of the planet. I am an activator and they are magnifying that activation energy within me in groups. I now meet with groups of 10 to 1,000, and it is pretty significant in the way that they work through me.

When Adironnda came through, they were this loving spirit. Their intention is to help the human species feel what it feels like to be held in total and complete unconditional love. As a result, many times people get a little emotional when they come in.

Before all this happened, I was a deacon in the Christian church and selling advertising for a county western radio station. Channeling was not a part of my belief system. Of course, I kind of pushed against that energy for a few years and tried to figure out what it was all about. I had a walk-in in 1993 and woke up to that fact in 1996. And again, in 2010 everything shifted for me.

Did you have a conscious intention to channel or was it a total surprise for you?
I did not have a conscious intention to have that happen. Of course, on some level I’m sure I did. I remember writing in my journal and being very conscious about the fact that I raised my hand to volunteer. I will go anywhere. I will do anything. I will say anything, as long as you can prove to me that you are Source energy or God energy moving through me to help on the planet. The channeling, I believe, was a direct result of that request.

When I woke up in 1996 I spent the next three years discovering who I was, who I am, as a spiritual messenger, as a spiritual teacher, facilitator. I did automatic writing, inspired writing, every day for a year or two. I had energy work done to clear out the old patterns that the walk-out had brought in. I had taken Reiki I, II, and Reiki Master. I took a few courses because I knew I had spiritual gifts that I was not exploring.

But Adironnda was the biggest surprise of all. When they first came in, I mean it was clear as a bell. They came in and were very clear and they described the 17th dimension, which was fascinating because I had been dreaming about this place for over a year. I thought, “Why do I keep having this same dream of this vegetation and this what looks like a planet?” It wasn’t round, it wasn’t a planet like I would define a planet. It was fascinating how they described it — and I had been dreaming of it. In the very first two or three transmissions, Adironnda said that I went to the 17th dimension at night while I slept to do healing work.

Now, Tim, this was so far off of what my belief system was like.

I read that you were the type of person who would throw Shirley MacLaine’s book Out on a Limb in the trash back in the old days.
Yes! I did actually, which is interesting because I threw it in the trash and then it kept showing back up again, you know, mystically. I threw it away and then I went to my bookcase and it would be there! It was like, “That is not possible! I know I threw it away!” I did not believe in channeling. I thought it was pretty sacrilegious. Now I know that it is a part of the spiritual quest that people are searching for on this planet.

What is Adironnda and The Council of Light saying about the present moment transformation taking place on Earth?
They are saying that we are in the middle of a very large shift, and that the indigo and the crystalline children are coming in. That is presenting new energy. The education system must change. The political system must change. Anything that is not in integrity is going to implode upon itself and come back out anew.

They have stated that the planet, itself, is moving into the 5th dimension. There is a lot of discussion about whether that has actually happened or is happening or if it is even possible for that to happen. They say that we are there now, and that is why people are searching for their footing, searching for their foundation, because everything has shifted.

The fifth dimension is a dimension of stronger intuitive messages, stronger connection. I believe everyone is a channel and everyone knows how to channel spirit, so one of the classes I teach is to help you open up that avenue. Adironnda says humans are spiritual beings, and we’re moving forward in a sense of seeking the center of our spiritual growth so we can help the Earth transform into a place of hopefully no war, hopefully all people honoring the diversity of all, and begin to connect to the galaxies in the way we were ultimately meant to.

Adironnda says one of the first steps is total forgiveness — as many teachers also say — forgiving everyone of everything. First of all, yourself. And we are to learn how to come from a place of unconditional love, because most of us were not trained or raised that way. Some people have pushed back a little bit from our messages, saying it is not possible to approach people with unconditional love. But I believe that is why Adironnda is here, so you can feel it, you can sense it, you can receive it. I have seen it in huge groups, and it is just phenomenal, Tim.

As Kyron has pointed out, the energy in the whole room shifts completely when Adironnda comes in — and afterwards people just want to come up and hug me, which is great, because they are receiving that transmission. At first it kind of took me aback, because you know when you come out of channel you are not completely where you are!

Do you remember what Adironnda is saying in a given event?
I am a trance channel, so I don’t remember most of what’s being said longer than a day or so. Lee Carroll, of course, is not. He does remember, but I don’t. I do private sessions and I’m thinking, “Golly, I don’t want to remember all that stuff.” My brain would pop just from all the information.

We do a free broadcast on January 1st every year on our website. This year they said it is going to feel like your foundation is being pulled out from under you, but there is a foundation there. You just get the opportunity to deal with your support system in a different way than you have previously. It’s pretty fascinating to think that all the people on the planet are experiencing a similar thing and how we each handle it in such different ways. I think that that’s why there is some unwanted violence, but I also know that Adironnda has said that some of the violence and some of the problem things that have happened in the world are helping the planet shift into that place of unconditional love.

When there is a mass shooting, people all over the planet send love and healing energy to that place, and so that brings all of us closer together. I hope there is an easier way to help the planet shift. I think that, physically, the planet is shifting. It has been predicted that there will be a mini ice age from in about 15 years. It’s not that everything will be covered with ice, but the planet and its ecological system will get colder — and we need to be prepared for that.

I think we are all feeling that transformational energy, and it takes channels and messengers to the planet to help people understand that it is not a time for panic, but it is a time for preparedness. It’s a time for searching into your soul to see what parts of you are not in integrity, and then start rearranging that. When I started down this path, channeling was not a part of my repertoire. It certainly is now, and in listening to other channels I find that our message is very similar. It just is presented in a different way. We have to reach everybody, not just the people who are already awake.

What effect has this whole process had on your personal life, after the walk-in, the connection with Adironnda, and now going out globally to present messages from The Council of Light?
Well, it has been quite interesting. It is fascinating that after I woke up, my son realized that I was a walk-in and could tell me the time that I walked in. So, he noticed that drastic of a shift.

It is not something that I’ve talked about much with my family. Now that I’m channeling, it’s not that I hide anything from them. It’s just not their belief system. My website is on the bottom of all my e-mails. All they have to do is look at it. I think my family is realizing that my mission is a little different than their mission, but it still is presenting the information that happiness is a choice and that joy is our birthright — and that we have the ability to live a life that is filled with love and goodness. Some people will be reached in a traditional church, some people will be reached by a channel, some people will be reached by a messenger that they have coffee with. Everybody has to be reached.

My brother has decided in the past 15 years that he is a Jehovah’s Witness, so we just kind of agree not to talk about what I do and they don’t try to convince me of what they do. They have read my website and they do understand it, and they ask questions every once and a while. I took my other brother, who is in California, through an exercise that I do in one of my Plurkshops, about looking at a traumatic event that just happened and going back on seven-year cycles and seeing that the same emotional impact arises every seven years in some sort of a traumatic event. We can trace it back to its source. He thought that was pretty impressive. He traced several things in his life back to when he was a little kid, when he had a traumatic injury. So, they’re accepting of what I do because I don’t try to convince them of it. I don’t try to hide it. They accept me, and they know that I am me.

Professionally, I have had to learn how to express what I do in ways that everyone can understand. In the beginning Adironnda kept saying I was going to be a public figure and I kept saying no, I don’t think so, but that did not work for very long. I would eventually be placed next to someone in an airport, a restaurant, at a meeting, somewhere, and they would say, “Well, I’m a such and such preacher for the Church of Christ, or whatever. What do you do?” And I had to learn to explain what I do. I usually use another word for “channel” until I get farther into the conversation to describe who I am. I bring messages for people’s soul. That is an acceptable term. I teach people how to be happy. That is what I start off with.

As you know, you cannot say this is who I am part of the time. You have to be who you are all of the time. If you don’t, it throws your entire soul out of integrity. Everything shifted in 2012 and you have to learn to be who you are all the time. I have been to Israel three times and channeled Yeshua in Israel, which is so amazing, and when He says that some of the messages in the Bible were misinterpreted by the writers, that can cause a little bit of a challenge for some people. But when they stop and think about it, they realize it’s true. I’m just doing my job as Yeshua did His job, Jesus did His job, and that’s why I went to Israel the first time. He said, “My name is not Jesus, and my last name is not Christ. My name is Yeshua Ben Joseph of Nazareth.” I’m like, okay!

It’s certainly been interesting with the members of our Council of Light. Isis has always been on our Council, but she had only spoken directly one or two times. Last year I went to Egypt and I got to channel Isis in the Temple of Isis. So, that was pretty phenomenal.

Let’s talk about your two events that you are going to be presenting in Minnesota on April 21st and 22nd. The first one is a workshop on Stopping Self-Sabotage and Activating Your Awesome Life. Why is this workshop important?
I think it is important because of our old programming, because maybe we weren’t quite as supported growing up as we could have been. That old imprint of not being good enough or not being worthy is really the crux of everything that is blocking you. So, we start there. I share a couple of different exercises that are so simple and so fun, and so powerfully transformative.

What we are actually doing is integrating those parts of ourselves that have been blocking us so we can move forward, and then we start building our intention with our Divine purpose, our mission, and look at our best assets. We have an exercise where we learn about our strongest qualities and our strongest talents through the Akashic Records, as well as in this life right now, and then we build upon that to see what it would be like to create the perfect life that we would ever possibly be living. That’s how we activate your awesome life, activate the power within you — and then we have a channeling with Adironnda.

All of my Plurkshops are exactly that, play and work. We go in really deep, but I believe it has to be fun, otherwise I don’t want to do it. A lot of spiritual teachers are very serious and that’s fine and that’s good. I’m really serious about transformation — with fun and transformation with action.

So, stopping self-sabotage helps each participant on a personal level be aware of those self-sabotaging old habits and then help them feel — in their emotional body, their physical body, their mental body and their spiritual body — what it would be like to exist without that imprint, without that self-sabotaging habit. Then we build upon that for the second day, which is all about creating synchronicities — living synchronistically.

Tell us about the second workshop on creating synchronicities.
On the second day, the Sunday, we activate the part of you that lives in that intuitive realm. Many people have a very active intuition, and many people don’t quite trust it. First, we build trust in your intuitive voice or however your intuition shows up, because it shows up differently for everyone. Some people hear things, some people see things, some people feel things, some people have a knowingness. What we do in creating synchronicities is help you discover within yourself what that feels like. We help you discover within your body what it feels like to receive synchronistic, intuitive messages. As you know, a synchronicity is when you get a message to go to the grocery store and when you get there, you meet an old friend you haven’t seen in years. That’s a synchronistic moment.

My business partner, Joeaux Robey, and I were were taking a road trip to Edmonton, Canada, and we kept being slowed down by the traffic. It was like, “Why are we being slowed down?” And then we were the first car to come up on an accident. If we would have been there sooner, we might have been in that accident, but as a result we were able to call the police, call the ambulance, and get everybody there on the scene very quickly. That is a synchronistic moment. If you are living in those synchronistic moments, then everything follows in the Divine order of things.

So, in stopping self-sabotage we help people learn what their Divine essence is, and in creating synchronicity we help them live that essence 24/7 — on their spiritual path, in their regular job, in their regular life with their family. That’s what we do in those two Plurkshops. They are separate, and they are connected. I like them both together, but, of course, that is not possible for everyone.

We have a couple of special guests who will be there, including Soul Tones, activators with about 60 crystal bowls and Tibetan singing bowls. They will be working with the energy in their way. And, each day we will have channeling with Adironnda. We will have lots of fun and lots of interactivity, and I’m very open to questions.

What is the origin of synchronicity? I’ve always felt that it’s orchestrated on a level beyond our consciousness.
It is orchestrated on a level beyond our consciousness, but when we start recognizing it, as “Ah, this event, this meeting, this interaction was orchestrated by sources other than myself,” then we have a tendency to pay a bit more attention to it than others. We’re not really creating synchronicities. I think the class probably should be called “Being Aware of Synchronicities and How You Can Utilize That in Your Life,” but, that’s not as good a title.

I believe we all have the free will to choose any path we want, but I also believe that the Universe, or Source, orchestrates certain avenues that set up our own spiritual growth. It was just like how I met my business partner, Joeaux. She was an advertising mogul, a big vice president of a big advertising company in Los Angeles. I was living in Springfield, Mo., selling hotel rooms in group sales, and doing channeling at night — and on the weekends I’d go to any town within a three-or-four-hour driving distance of Branson. On January 1, I quit. I said, “This is too much. I can’t do this.”

I received a download for a workshop, “Healing from the Inside Out,” that I was supposed to do once a month for the next two years, and with my day job I felt it was way too much for me to handle. I told myself, I can’t do all this. I’m either going to sell group hotel rooms or I’m going to channel, but I’m not going to do both. I believe Adironnda stepped in and created the synchronicity of events that caused Joeaux and her husband to encounter the person who met me in 1999 and helped to open up the channel within me. We believe that Adironnda really spoke through her, telling Joeaux, “You need to call Marilyn Harper. You’re not a marketer. You’re a promoter.” She came to that first workshop that I did, “Healing from the Inside Out,” and everything shifted since then. Joeaux knew what to do about getting the word out for me. A few months later I quit my full-time job, she quit her business and consulting business, and we have been traveling together ever since — all through synchronicity.

The Universe will place you where it needs you at the right time, and that is generated by your own soul. That’s how I got on Lee Carroll’s stage with Kryon. It was through a series of synchronistic encounters. If we are aware of those encounters, as I’ve started to be over the past several years, then we can say yes a little more quickly.

Do you have a final message you would like to put out there to our readership?
Well, I know that Walk-ins For Evolution was started in the 1990s in the Twin Cities. I was in Minneapolis several times in the 1990s and then for the first time last year since then. I am so excited to be back. I hope I get to encounter some of the people who were involved with Liz (Nelson) and Gary Beckman and your magazine.

I want to remind people that we’re not done here on this planet. We are a part of the next evolutionary step of humanity and there is going to be a great opportunity for us who are awake to awaken people that are still struggling with that process. They may know that they want to awaken, but they don’t know what to do with that information. I would just encourage your readership, as I know that they are a varied group, and remind them, as Adironnda does, to be the love that you are, and to know that you were placed on this planet for a reason. Let’s all find out what that reason is together.

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