New books examine Money, Art of Living


What if you had the courage to extend your limits and create the life of your dreams, one that is rich and fulfilling in every way — financially, spiritually, and emotionally? Both Luminous Life: How the Science of Light Unlocks the Art of Living, by Jacob Israel Liberman, O.D., Ph.D., and Money, Manifestation & Miracles: A Guide to Transforming Women’s Relationships with Money, by Meriflor Toneatto, offer new approaches to experiencing presence and bypassing barriers to joy for ease-filled living.

Take action toward transforming your relationship with money and with life by reconnecting to the inner guidance you have always had access to with these two new books from New World Library.

Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman is a pioneer in the fields of light, vision, and consciousness and has developed numerous light and vision therapy instruments, including the first FDA-cleared medical device to significantly improve visual performance. Visit him online at

Meriflor Toneatto is the CEO and founder of Power With Soul, specializing in helping ambitious women entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders reach financial prosperity and success while fulfilling their social promise in the world. Visit her online at

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