A Pleiadian Message: Self-Resurrection


Beloved ones, we greet you. Earth has moved into the third phase of your “New Dawning” awakening. This energetic alignment has occurred since the last shift, which took place at the end of March. At that time, the Sun repositioned itself again, creating a deepening of the sacred resonance on your planet. Within a few moments of the shift there was an enormous dimensional reset on the Earth plane.

Your sacred aspect lies fully intact just beyond the veil, and it does not need to be developed in any way. You are, and have always been, in a perfect state of completion of your Higher Self. This higher consciousness of Self will be beginning to give you insights, and this guidance can only be accessed through the alliance within your heart space.

In Truth, your Higher Self is your guiding light. For each moment you choose to align, you reconnect to your inner guide. You are being called to begin to create moments of reconnections by reaching out consciously to this aspect of Self through realignment to your heart.

The energetic settings that recently have been forming and anchored during this transitional period on your planet have been designed to lift the veils that have kept you locked within the 3rd dimensional illusion on the Earth. These veils, which have kept you in a separated state from experiencing and remembering your Higher Self, have been intact for lifetimes. Through these energetic shifts on the planet, many of the veils have been released and others have become more fluid, enabling you to move beyond the veils, beyond the illusion, to navigate your way back into realignment to Self.

A plan has been set in place for you to return consciously to your higher consciousness and access this inner guidance system of Self. An important aspect of your guiding light of Self can be likened to a compass, in that your Higher Self naturally repositions you where you need to be.

This reconnection is you moving you back into the flow of your river of light, your higher consciousness. This flow is designed to carry you, to bathe you, in a flowing current of light. The flow holds your sacred essence of design and you only need to let go, to align to your unique design and flow into your next step.

You can access specific guidance and direction about where you need to be in any one moment through the realignment within your heart. As you take the moments to choose reconnection, you will set in motion a process of metamorphosis within the cells of your body.

More fluid
With the energetic reset of your planet, the veils — which are becoming more fluid — are designed to support reconnection within your Higher Self, and through the access of a multidimensional chamber within your heart you can forge this reconnection. This is your time for re-emergence with you, your Higher Self. The conscious action by you to bring reconnection within your heart space will begin to develop a pathway of realignment to your Higher Self. This decision of reconnection to your heart is about you reclaiming your power. This time is all about your self-empowerment.

Your humanness is one component of your makeup that plays an essential part in your enlightenment process. This whole awakening is a step-by-step process, an expedition of you consciously redeveloping your reconnection to Higher Self, while simultaneously engaging and developing a new relationship, forging new experiences and understanding within your human element. Your commitment to the journey rather than the destination is where deep joy and peace can be achieved within your being.

You move beyond the veil through aligning to your heart, which activates the pathway to the flow. This conscious choice action of moving through the veil activates a pathway, linking you into the flow of your Higher Self. By choosing your heart connection, you realign yourself, reaccessing your purpose and clarity of your mission. Remember, through each individual moment you choose reconnection, the pathway is forged. This process plays an essential role in the journey of coming home through a focus in the development of your connection to your own heart.

Experiences of being
Opening up through your heart’s pathway allows a series of transformational reconnection experiences of “being.” You will open into a complete alignment to the sacred flow within your life and move into experiencing a series of perfect flowing moments of synergy as your connection grows to your source of higher consciousness.

The ease of reconnection through your heart may seem too simple a step. This is what your ego mind may tell you! What is important is for you to expect, and to understand and fully appreciate, that the ego mind’s reaction will be breaking down any experience you have within your heart.

The ego knows nothing of this higher realm connection of the heart. The human ego design can only relate to the limited 3rd dimensional illusion — seeing you, itself, as small, insignificant and totally without power. However, despite the ego mind’s comments, you can forge ahead because the opinion of the ego cannot interfere in your true experiences. You can simply witness the ego and not react to the ego mind’s comments.

Through the lifting of the veils, the way has been made clear for you to shift your perception of awareness to Truth. Remember: you are divinely unique. There is no other energy like you within this Universe. And through your unique divine aspect, you become a gift to the Universe. You carry an energetic signature within you that is unlike any other. Your imprint is required to complete the sacred mandala that exists within the God consciousness state held within your resident universe. You are like a shining jewel, a piece of a jigsaw puzzle that fits perfectly within this mandala.

We liken this energy of the mandala to you being a drop of water that makes up the ocean of light. Your unique drop completes the full essence held within this ocean (mandala).

Your destiny
This is your journey, unlike any other. Through your reconnection within your heart, you are activating a unique pathway. You will set in motion an aspect of your destiny that will unfold the sacred that you are. You become the divine expression of the Oneness within the collective ocean of light.

This journey cannot be compared to any other, and your journey consists of you gradually, in increments, returning consciously to the living force of your own existence of light consciousness.

Realize that your pathway and process will take a zigzag trail. The ego mind will always be assessing your progress in terms of success. However, this assessment from the ego is never accurate. The ego does not understand the multidimensional depth of the unfolding taking place within the journey itself. The ego is completely orientated to the goal of arriving, rather than the essential and powerful components held within the journey itself. The ego will want you to move away from the inner guidance of the Higher Self, because it fails to understand the Truth of your multidimensional higher path.

Know ahead of time that your journey will never make sense to the ego. The mind cannot relate to nor understand the winding path that, in Truth, is taking you into the perfect expression necessary for your full unfolding and awakening towards Home.

No mistakes
There is no possibility of making a mistake on this pathway, or making wrong choices. All the choices you do make bring you into the perfect learning experience for your human aspect. As you unfold into your Higher Self and operate within the multidimensionality of Self, it is essential that you walk hand-in-hand with your human aspect.

Your role in this lifetime is self-resurrection. This means that you consciously reconnect to your Higher Self, developing your pathway within the vastness of your own heart and simultaneously evolving into a new relationship with your human element.

Enlightenment is not about moving into perfection. Rather, it is moving into a place of accepting your human imperfection. You have come into this lifetime with your humanness, and to move into the depth of understanding of your humanity. Enlightenment arises as you move towards embracing your self, opening to moments of holding yourself with self-acceptance of your imperfections — knowing that you will always carry the energy within you of being “perfectly imperfect.”

Through the action of self-acceptance arises self-love, and the separation ends inside of you. The ending of separation, even for one moment, activates and opens the pathway to enlightenment.

The doorway is fully open now. The sun’s rays carry the elements that have created this fluid entry point within your heart’s chamber, creating the link to the pathway home. You are being called, beckoned by your Higher Self, to align to this higher realm connection point. All is ready for you to be received.

“You are who you have been waiting for.”

The universal teams are waiting to support you in this next transitional phase. They are here to support the process of “you, birthing you.”

A monumental wave of light is waiting to assist humanity in this next phase of the shift. You are being called to be part of this flow. As you rejoin your heart’s path, you too will become a link, joining this wave of light consciousness. You become part of the flow that will impact the consciousness of humanity. Come take your place among those who have chosen to awaken.

Energetic pathway
We are bringing forth an energetic design held within a series of sacred sounds, especially created to link you quickly within your own heart’s chamber, and move you beyond the veil to your pathway.

This will be a step-by-step process of unfolding for you. This is the plan. This will be a gradual unfolding within you because the design is for a slow and steady development within the higher dimensional folds. This will require you to let go with the conscious breath and trust the vastness of your own heart. Let your own heart guide you to the right moments for your ongoing process within you pathway for reconnection.

The process
Use this process to develop the pathway from the chamber of your heart:

1. Hold your heart with the palms of both hands. Remember your heart space is the full chest area. Bring your awareness to the warmth or pressure of the hands on your chest, use the conscious breath and let go. Note: the Conscious breath is in and out of the mouth.

2. To connect deeper within the heart, use the sound, ENTAH. Bring this sound into the heart until you feel an opening. Maybe the energy is expanding, maybe you see, sense or feel light, or heat. Use this sound until the energy or opening is stable; it may be strong, but it is no longer building.

3. Now you are going to open into the chamber of your heart, using the sound, ASTAHN, (pronounced AR STAR NN). Bring the sound into the heart and begin to see, sense or feel a doorway opening within the heart. Move through the doorway. Keep using the sound until you are fully through the doorway into the space of a chamber.

4. Bring your hands to the prayer position, physically connecting to your chest, your heart. Prayer position: the palms of your hands are physically connected. Feel the hands joining. Use the conscious breath and let go into that connection.

5. You are going to now open up your pathway. This will open within the chamber of your heart. Use the sound, TAHNAE (pronounced TAR NAY). Bring the sound into the chamber and see, sense or feel the pathway open.

6. Bring your awareness to the pathway. Use the sound into the pathway and feel yourself anchoring on the pathway, follow it outwards with your consciousness. Keep using the sound, TAHNAE, which will continue to align you deeper and deeper to your path.

Utilize this process to allow a deeper and deeper alignment to your pathway.

Know that we support you as you take this next essential step towards Home. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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