Surrender in your Retreat


Retreats are to the soul, as meditation is to the mind.

In the values of our current culture of competition, a fast pace for success and material wealth, we often find ourselves in the limited reality of the five senses. This can kick us out of alignment with our soul’s purpose or energetic harmony.

We practice yoga for peace of mind. Withdrawing from the billions of thoughts that bombard our mind, we focus on a single thought, and that relaxes and strengthens the mind.

In retreat mode, we can surrender to the various dimensions of energy, including the physical, emotional and spiritual. Meditation for our soul.

Feeling the exhilaration and pure joy that comes from experiencing the authentic power of living in your natural state of unconditional love for the self is harmonic frequency. It is described as the deepest most heartfelt awe and reverence for the very essence of our soul. It is a path of healing, for living a meaningful life through full expression of our soul purpose.


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