A Pleiadian Message: Rejoining the Universal Community

Beloved ones, we greet you. Since the third phase of the “new dawning” era, there has begun “a great wind of change” accelerating across your Earth plane. This has reopened a series of energetic patterned grids. The rotation point of your planet has shifted, and this shift has birthed a pure process of a slow and continuous pulse, which has created a new design for an ongoing realignment of consciousness to activate across the planet.

Many of you light workers have been guided over this time to create and activate a network of vortexes within the planet. These have been strategically positioned to support this period leading into the Earth’s transitioning into the third phase of the “new dawning” era.

In a moment this shift activated these vortexes, which collectively interacted with each other and opened up a pure interwoven network of light around the planet. As the sun repositioned itself, the sun’s rays entered each vortex, expanding their capacity to hold the full brilliance of diamond light, which is the container for the God light. This light network between each vortex is multidimensional in form, and is responsible for creating the action of the lifting of the veils, finally releasing the density of illusion within the planet.

As this disengaged, the anchored illusion that has been operating on your planet for lifetimes and has kept you in a place of separation from Truth was released. Through this “releasing,” you are enabled to reconnect to Truth. As the veils lifted, planet Earth was moved energetically to a place where the illusion can no longer be fully sustained, and this allows a movement towards the natural realignment of your Higher Self spiritual nature.

Free of drama
You are now able to anchor and stabilize within your life into an experience of reality free of drama. Simultaneously, you are to continue having your human experience on Earth. This is the time for you to open into a state of living with vast changes, shifting consciously to another state of reality within your Higher Self and bringing about great change to your inner relationship with your human self.

There has been a complete reset of Earth’s dimensional alignments, and through this new environment it is possible for you to stabilize within the multidimensional Higher Self realm. For those of you who are on a spiritual quest, it will be easier to move into alignment with your Higher Self.

The essential component for your transition is through your heart. Your heart is the doorway for you to access. Your heart is a tool for the re-entry to your Higher Self. You can utilize this key to your transition through your heart, navigating to realign your self on the spiritual pathway to your Higher Self consciousness of your multidimensional reality.

You will encounter many different levels of orientation within this multidimensional reality of Truth that exists beyond the illusionary levels of 3rd dimension. Within the orientation of this space, you will begin a new pathway of understanding your essential nature within your multidimensionality. This is a time of rapid growth as you realign, and there can be a maturing within your consciousness as you reconnect within the sacred aspect of Self. This is the time for you to understand the importance of your individual evolution and how this reconnection will deeply affect your own innate relationship to all mankind.

The essentiality of your natural focus can only be found within your own heart’s sphere. You will see, understand through direct experience within this space of reality. Your vastness and interconnection with all life force in the Universe arises from your heart. You will begin to understand how your focus on Self is, in reality, the deepest action of love for all humanity. When you focus on the vastness of your self, you naturally interact with all life force within the Universe. Know that as you choose to fully align and experience one moment of Oneness within your heart, all humanity is deeply shifted. This is the action of the reality of your connectedness to the Oneness.

Realignment to Truth
Take one moment at a time to bring your self into this realignment to Truth through your heart. Your heart’s sphere is your pathway, a guiding light to reposition you within the sacred aspect of your multidimensional expression to the expanded realm of your consciousness.

Begin the daily practice of developing a connection with your heart. Your heart’s energy encompasses the full physical chest area. Place your palms on your chest, bring your awareness to the palms on your chest and take a conscious breath. As you breathe, bring your awareness to your hands, and there is a natural letting go energy moving within your heart. This action of letting go aligns you deeper within the multidimensional opening of the heart.

As you work with this process, use the sacred sound, EENAH, EENAH TAE. This sound expands the flow of reconnection for you within your heart.

This simple action begins the realignment to your expanded sacred heart. This is your conscious step towards activating your heart, creating your heart as the tool for the entry point of reaccessing the realms to your Higher Self consciousness.

Your reconnection
Yes, this is the time for your reconnection to your Higher Self sacred aspect. And it is important to understand that your humanness will still play an essential and vital part in your life, as well. You have come to have a human experience on planet Earth, and in this incarnation you are to do things in a different way than in any other lifetime. Instead of leaving the physical body in death to reconnect to your spiritual nature, you are to come into a conscious reconnection to your spiritual self while still remaining in the physical body while simultaneously having your human experience.

As you reconnect to your spiritual aspect, your relationship to your human self will move through significant changes. You can support your human persona with love and compassion through deep insights from your Higher Self. This process of a deepening your understanding and compassion of your human imperfections will naturally shift your relationship with your human self, from a place of self-condemnation to self-acceptance.

Through your depth of these new alignments to Truth within the higher realms, you will finally be able to come to a place of understanding of the personal journey you have had on this Earth plane. You will be able to open into your entire human journey’s experiences and then you will become a witness to your own unfolding story of your life up to this juncture. You will begin to appreciate your own human experience and all that you have lived throughout your journey.

Honoring your path
Through this understanding, you will become empowered by this clarity. Compassion grows through a new perspective of truth gained, which is held within the sum total of your experiences that you have lived up to this point within the 3rd dimensional illusion. You will open to the direct perspective of knowing that you were never meant to be perfect, and this will lead into you honoring your path. And most importantly, hold the Truth that you have done the very best you could in all moments during this human experience.

Through this deepening of Truth within your journey as a human being, you can move into a place of self-liberation and set yourself free! So your human aspect will begin to feel the love from this natural process of self-development through these insights from the Higher Self connection. Through this self-resurrection process you can then, on a human level, begin to thrive in life.

An aspect of your mission in this lifetime is this self-realization process, which carries the essential element of self-acceptance, which is self-love. This entire unfolding brings an end to the inner war of internal separation through this action of self-love.

This is a glorious time for those of you who walk the path of consciousness. You have had great courage and trusted, and you have taken the necessary steps forward as you have been guided. You have made your way awakening slowly, remembering. This is your time to fully utilize these new multidimensional openings that have been stabilized now for you.

Your resident Universe is supporting you in this full transition. The Universal groups are working in partnership with the spiritual realms to create stabilization within the openings on Earth for you to make your transition.

Planet Earth is the only planet in this Universe that does not operate through a telepathic communion base as their way of communicating. Through the dramatic dimensional shifts that have taken place within the energetic platform on Earth, there are reconnections within your own consciousness that have undergone a complete metamorphic reset — and this has impacted all of your internal energetic systems within your physical and energetic body.

Areas of your brain have reopened. They were reset during the activation of the second phase of transition of the New Dawning at the time of the New Year. The brain’s telepathic center has begun to reactivate during this most recent happening on your planet with the activation of the third transitional phase. There will be continual developments within the telepathic center to open further, enabling you to develop and utilize your full telepathic abilities.

The telepathic center within your brain has reopened for the purpose of you fulfilling your mission to complete your path of reconnection to the Universal communities. Some of you on the path have already begun your telepathic development and are working consciously with specific life force groups that make up our resident Universe.

Many more of you are to play essential roles within the Universal community. To play your role and take your place fully within the Universal community, you must be able to utilize your telepathic communication skills. This involves a simple process of you working with the natural ability of telepathy.

Universal community
Planet Earth needs to take back its full place within the Universe by becoming an active member within the Universal community. This is a pre-destined process that will take place as you continue to move through this ‘”New Dawning” transitional phase. Earth has essential roles to play within the Universal community as you move towards the fourth phase, which opens up your conscious reconnection to your full heritage.

Know that the Universal community is fully and energetically supporting this transition.Your resident Universe cannot move into completion without your planet moving back to a conscious realignment to the “Whole.” By that, we mean rejoining the God consciousness alignment that exists within all life force energy within this Universe. Through your reconnection to the community, the entire Universal energies will transform on another multidimensional setting within the God light.

Each one of you is to play a pivotal role within this transitional phase of reconnection. This has always been the mission for you to rejoin the Universal community. Every one of you carries within you a unique divine aspect that makes up the “Whole.”

As you take steps to realign to your Higher Self consciousness, your natural abilities will reactivate automatically, bringing you into a remembering and realignment to your Universal ties, to the completion of your mission.

This entire process of transition is about reconnection, reunion and remembering for you. Now that the veils of illusion are lifting, you have the ability to move forward with your conscious choice and meet the sacred aspect of your Higher Self that has always been fully intact, waiting for you beyond the veils.

The God light within the sun’s rays shines down to you. Open like a flower to the sun and receive the illumination and awakening touch of your God light within your heart. You are who you have been waiting for. Blessings, The Pleiadians.


  1. i just wanted to write what i learned and say this for the whole world to read……..
    Dear government and everything working with government…. why dont you tell the everyone the truth. I am pretty sure god was not the one that flooded the earth. If god had done it… I would still forgive him. Even if he had… it doesnt matter who did it, we should all be forgiving each other and loving one another anyway even forgiving god. Quit pointing fingers at each other. How are we going to all get along if you are not going to let each other grow. Also it doesnt matter if you change things in the bible because our higher selves, higher beings, and the god in us all will always know the real truth. The reptillians will find out you are using them. Ok so apperently im finding out you are using each other not knowing that your betraying each other. Someday they will find out god is with them the whole time and loves them..Loves both of you all of you….You are only using the reptilians because you know that they have a gift that you blocked from them that causes everyone to awaken. Government and other terrible two- beings that are having tantrums with god inside yourselves that are ….infringing on our free will..you are in your terrible two’s and god still wants you to become better and love you. Maybe someday you will be on our side . our higher selves are reading your mind at the same time that you can hear everything we say or any thought processed. No wonder why humans know what your doing. Micro chips wont do it either because they will hear you even louder through us.You cannot destroy our higher selves. we are there living communication devises everytime you try to hear our thoughts, or watch our dreams, they connect to u through us and can read yours. You can keep connected and give out all the answers, or disconnect with all of us humans. Also even though you are errasing our memories, our higher selves and others will always help us, and we will always know. We cant be controlled any longer because things are going to change. If you can not handle the light thats coming then its your choice to die. If you kill us we transport to our higher selves and give out your secrets, and if you keep us alive your still at risk. Either way god is in everything and everywhere. Whether we are dead or alive. Gaia, it doesent matter where the idea came from, you will never no if an idea was yours or ours. Blocking spaceships from landing will not solve any problems either, because we will always find a way to world peace. It is impossible to block the light. The only way to not have to choose it is to die and choose where you want to go. We are not forcing you to the light that is your choice if you want to stay in this new energy or not. However if you choose to leave dying is your decision. Of course if you decide to come back to gaia we are not going to shun you like your doing with us, by hiding us from the light. we are not going be a bad role model for our gaia. You will only be rewarded for changing your ways for others well beings. We hope that you will change your ways and the reptillians and any other types of species you are working with and yourselves will graduate with us. We will be waiting. Peace on earth.

    you say that you are trying to harden our shell? If the government and others working with them are taking our freedom away, doing things by force, and instead of building encouragement in people you are making sure to do the opposite, that is the worst parenting i have seen in my life. I do not wish this apon you but if you were in our shoes, and no one had confidence in you, someone told you you can’t do anything, and every time you keep on going, you get punished for it to toughen you up…. You would be tired mentally. I’m sorry but that is the old ways of parenting humans.Tough love is not true love, im sorry i dont think we agree to how your going about it with us. My question to the government is what do they have against Themselves/God that they cannot ask a teacher/or a master of millions of years of experience for advise on..for how to better people. The government rather take it in their own hands because they believe they are right 100% of the time. So from what we were taught about questioning everything…. I have to agree with the asking and so i’m questioning right now. Why does the government not question what their doing and assume they are doing things right 100% of the time . The government is full of too much pride and greed. Not caring to question first like whats been told to us? They are judging us, and punishing us, wich is different than consequences. Punishment is not the same as a consequence. I have been through hell since i was 2 years old mentally. It has not hardened my shell. Only warn us out. My question is why does the government want to ware us out. You ask why their are suicides this is why. Because the governments methods are not working. Of course we believe the truth is the government wants us to fail. Why is the government so angry and judgemental and Over pride full? What can we do to find out why they are so angry. If i could figure out a way to resolve whatever issue they have, tell me. Did they have a horrible childhood? No love? What is it? cant they speak how they feel about things. We were taken our free will by force. Also i choose to have cancer again to better my child hood and be born into a more advanced family. I realize that we have the choice to change our DNA thanks to God and everyone helping us for sharing this with us, and live longer, but i feel i must die one more time. If the government is going to mark me….. and infringe on my free will to grow then you are not parenting us the right way and have not earned the right to be in control of us. I forgive everything that happened to me but when they come in and mark me so that i cant die that is also infringing on my free will. Mr sharp claw intity dude needs to back off. This is not the way to the government getting their way and this will not resolve anything.. What can we do to figure out how to compromise with whatever the government and whoever else is not happy with things? So that everyone can agree with each other in the respectfull ways? I am asking you government why you need to control us, because you are not happy with yourselves? I wont judge you…God says he doesnt judge people. You can tell me what you like and dont like…. What are you upset about? Can we work it out? What can we do to figure out how to compromise with whatever you guys are not happy with? So that everyone can agree with each other in the respectful ways? I am asking the government and others working with them why do you need to control us? Is it because you are not happy with yourselves. God wont judge you, Our higher selves wont judge you, Other beings wont judge you, I won’t judge you you can tell me what you like and don’t like. What are you upset about? Can we work it out? Why do you want to use us humans as slaves? Is it because you are not happy with yourself? It seems to me that you are sad inside your selves and you hurting inside, so therefore you take it out on others and don’t care about our feelings. So there for you like to see us suffering wich makes you feel better, because you are deeply hurt about something. Can You tell me what it is your hurt about?

    Also correct me if I am wrong, because I am only human…although not for long…since we are going to evolve and what not….but these symbols that you sent to my email that you claim as yours, were originally not from the illuminati. Just saying they were meant for something else that got taken over by illuminati. These symbols were not intended for illuminati, they were intended for the eye shape that is located near your pituitary gland and pineal gland connected to your third eye. This shape is inside your brain when you slice the brain in half you will see it. Because God and the higher beings are so smart that you had no idea it was hidden under our scalps. Laughing..created by god and his children the Pleiadians and other beings our ancestors. It is not meant to be taken in different meaning…….NOT by something that controls our free will. It was intended for free will and a greater power awakening. This symbol belonged to beings older than yourselves before the illuminati even existed. I refuse to let illuminati claim this All Seeing Eye as their own design, because it is not of your own! The all seeing eye on the pyramid symbol will not be taken in vein like you did with others names. It does not belong to only you, but to you, and everyone else as well. It does not belong to just one group. I dont believe it should be claimed under Illuminati. One day we will take it back and join god and our ancestors and we will not be controlled.

    Im not going to hide my name: I am giving permission for my higher self to help me grow, I am giving permission for the palaidians, avians, and other beings of only light that have graduated to help me grow …..even if its in the next life because im exuasted in this one.. i wish for a childhood and better future.. and i give god permision for help if i become endangered or need to grow and evolve into something better. This also gos into the next life as well. I cant move please let me die so i can be born into an upgraded person I dont even want to work.. Im tired. And ive been marked too many times. I give permission that even the higher light beings and higher self read this.
    chelsie wolivar is mentally exuasted.

  2. Wow, great writing, verrrry informative and transformative for me, yes! We are all tired, but we volunteered so suck it up and it won’t be long before your ship arrives and you are relieved!!!!


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