From Fear to Surrender – The Art of Returning to our Center


Fear implies an encounter with something unknown. The unknown terrifies most people because it is a terrain that is not familiar. We prefer to live in a well-defined world with a predictable future that is simply an extension of our past.

The past is a set of known experiences that includes how we felt in those experiences. Any new experience that is not from this familiar past makes us feel afraid.

We are infinite beings, and our essential nature is beyond time and space. The familiar past and predictable future confines our mind to a linear model of time. However, in reality there is no single future. All possibilities of future exist in the depths of the present moment. The present moment and the unknown are inseparable. It is nothingness, from where everything emerges.

Fear is a doorway to access the unknown. When fear reaches a threshold or an upper limit, the ego breaks down and gives up. It surrenders to the higher divine self within. We need not wait for the fear to grow before we turn inward. We can start observing the fear — and in this very act we move closer to who we are.

Lao Tzu said, “All being originates in non-being.” Quantum physics also tells us the same thing, that every particle originates from an unknown field, which is potentially everything. All physical matter originates from this quantum field of all possibilities.

The unknown is the center of being. It is the source of intelligence that is directing all processes in the physical universe. When we access the present moment and allow our self to simply rest in the unknown, we become no body , no space, no time. We become pure consciousness, all effort ceases and we surrender to the higher divine force within. This is the state where one can create something new, where one can attract something abundant, beautiful and joyful into life. Lao Tzu said, “The Tao does nothing, yet it leaves nothing undone.” We are all being done. There is absolutely no effort, no struggle to accomplish or achieve.

The art of attracting what we really want is really an art of returning to our center. This center is unchanging, independent of our outer environment. It is who we are. It is the source of everything. It is the singularity where all creation springs from. It is the quantum field of infinite possibilities.

Moving from fear to surrender is an act of moving inward.

Surrender is a state of being that has some important properties. Surrender becomes possible when we realize that there is a powerful organizing intelligence taking care of life. This intelligence is not a great distance from us. It is the very intelligence making our hearts beat, breaking down our food into energy and running the incalculable number of processes in our body. If we surrender our limiting ego to this intelligence, a sense of knowing dawns — that everything is already perfect and taken care of. There is nothing to achieve or accomplish.

Divine intelligence will start working with you when you surrender. You become a collaborator with the divine intelligence. It is like returning to the first nine months of your life, when all your body organs showed up perfectly at the right time, without any effort from you. As a fetus, you are in perfect alignment with the divine, in a state of complete surrender, allowing and trusting the intelligence.

In times of deep fear or a calamity or a catastrophe, all you have to do is simply trust that this fear is a doorway to your center, where you have to do nothing — and yet, there is nothing left undone. Returning to our center is like coming home. You feel deeply relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. You have a overwhelming feeling of being taken care of and being loved unconditionally. You know that there is nothing to do and you have to just be. You simply are aware and you feel gratitude for everything around you.

When you become aware, you naturally have the power to access the infinite possibilities that the present moment offers and simply draw a life of your deeper choice towards you. Then your life becomes a creation without the effort of creating. You become peace, joy, gratitude and love — the natural expressions of the divine intelligence within.


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