The Benefits of Massage through Acupressure


Massage is so relaxing and soothing in moments when you can let go of pain and the energy it steals away. That sounds so good, but, what if you have injuries, trauma or other reasons why you can’t get massage, not even the lightest touch? While you may think that could be rare, it does happen. So what do you do instead?

There are plenty of ways you can help yourself. Pain and inflammation in your body can cause you to tense up and create more pain. Learning how to breathe, relax and release tension can help you even more, and you can also use acupressure to unblock the energy flow of Qi in your body.

By learning the acupressure points running along the 14 main body meridians in your body, you can find the points that relieve pain, relax your muscles, balance your emotions and release tension. Many times people think pain in an area means you should not touch that area, but when the blood flow puts pressure there you can relieve it with acupressure, using light pressure and small, rotating circles to massage and increase pressure as you feel comfortable on specific points.

Your first step should be to ask your family doctor for a referral to a person certified and experienced in acupressure to show you which points to focus on. It’s a bonus if you have a doctor or can find one that is both. This will start you on your way. Do your research, with the world at your fingertips, to learn more about acupressure. Keep in mind before you start pressing points here and there that they really do matter, because you can create more pain by not using the right points.

For hard-to-reach points, you can use a small ball or golf ball to lean into against a wall to massage that area. I’ve even used a horse brush with rolling magnets on one side. Where there is a will, there is a way! God has created us with a truly remarkable body that operates in many ways to keep us healthy. Acupressure is simply one way to help keep the flow moving.

Acupressure is not a new modality. It has been around hundreds of years. You can also increase the benefits of using acupressure by doing it at certain times of the day for different body organs by learning the Meridian Clock. What a great way to boost your immune system and flush out toxins from your body, leaving you feeling less stress and anxiety.

Acupressure can restore your energy flow and help you feel harmony and balance in your life. Relax, breathe and let the yin and yang of Qi through acupressure help heal you from dis-ease to having more ease in your body and ultimately your life.

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Maria Lisa Polegatto
Maria Lisa Polegatto grew up and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she works full time. To rest and relax she loves to retreat into nature and spend time with animals enjoying the magic that surrounds us. Contact Maria Lisa at


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