New Advertiser Spotlight: Angel Relationships – A Match Made in Heaven


The highly anticipated release of Angel Relationships, on May 28, will assist readers at all levels in the search to communicate with and understand angels and also help people connect with and trust their angels’ guidance.

Increasingly, angels want to prove their existence and are reaching out to connect with us now more than ever — while here on Earth, people want to learn more about the angelic realm and their angels’ roles and purpose in their lives. This growing phenomenon is what prompted Angel Relationships, A Match Made in Heaven.

This book is written by Annette Bruchu, an experienced, nationally known visionary and intuitive healer who shares her many gifts bridging the spiritual and physical worlds to assist those who seek to improve their lives

Using exercises, meditations and visualizations provided in this book, people of all ages will learn how to connect to angels and receive divine guidance for navigating through their earthly challenges.

Specifically, readers will learn:

• Who the angels are and how they themselves can change and grow to bond with their Guardian Angel and other heavenly beings.

• How to discover angel signs in their life and how they can ask for the angels’ help and wisdom.

• How previous life lessons, time, emotions and nature interact to provide a gateway to the angelic realm.

• How to recognize messages from angels and how to trust the guidance given.

Readers may also gain a better understanding of their own talents and gifts, learn to be more true to themselves, experience tremendous personal and spiritual growth and be enlightened with a new perspective on life.

This book was driven by people’s increasing desire to connect with their angels and understand their messages.

“What many people view as common sense or coincidence is often our angels communicating with us,” Bruchu says.

The author blends her expertise as a medium, psychic, healing practitioner, colorstrologist, teacher and mentor to help people heal and grow. She empowers others to develop their own psychic and healing gifts through classes offered at her Helping YOU Heal Center in Stillwater, MN.

For information about the book and to order your copy, visit

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