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Kim Eisen, Master of EFT “Tapping” and Life Breakthrough Success Coach, Spirit Healing Power since 1999, 612.802.HEAL (4325), [email protected], www.DoEFT.com

The Edge reached out to longtime advertiser Kim Eisen to learn more about who she is and what she does for her community.

What or who inspired you to begin walking the path of spirituality and healing?
Kim Eisen:
Back in 1993, I was spiraling with grief from the loss of my father and I couldn’t seem to move past it. My friends were worried about me and one of them gave me a book to read. Being intuitive all of my life and having incredible experiences, I had no context to put it into or how to even use it. My mom used to call it “that thing you do.”

The book was Out on a Limb, by Shirley MacLaine. I related to so much in the book that my body, mind and soul began to start saying “Yes, yes!” It was like a puzzle being put together, that I wasn’t alone and there was something more to life from a spiritual perspective.

That was the beginning of accepting who I was and am. The healing journey part began in 1999 after a bad relationship breakup when I went to a spiritual healer. Of course, before that I didn’t even know they existed.

What was that moment when everything changed for you? 
When I went to the spiritual healer and had a profound experience, he told me I was a healer, too, and I needed to start immediately — and then sent me on my way.

A few days later a friend was having a migraine headache and, just playing around, I said, “Let me heal you.” I touched her for a few moments and the migraine was gone. The shock on her face, and mine, would probably go viral now if it had been videotaped. That’s when everything changed for me in my own healing journey and desire to help others.

Since that time, I have spent countless dollars and years learning everything I could about energy modalities, spirituality and more, melding together what works best for me and my clients.  I love what I do beyond words to describe it.

How do you describe what you offer your community?
You know when you’ve had this feeling of feeling empty, sad or stuck and aren’t quite sure what to do about it? It’s an emotional uneasiness within you. Many have this uneasiness even if their life looks great from the outside. I know I certainly did.

What I offer is healing the emotional “stuff” that we all carry around. Most were taught to be strong and just get through the day (or weeks or years). Yet, that’s like trying to hold a beach ball under water. I believe it’s better to release the emotional “stuff” so you can truly be powerful and in sync with your soul.  There is definitely a difference between being strong just to get through the day versus being lovingly powerful.

The main hat I wear is Life Breakthrough Success Coach and my offer is emotional healing of life’s disappointments so a person can experience more relief, abundance and joy in their life.

For those unfamiliar with EFT, please describe what it does and what the experience is like for a client.
It definitely is an experiential experience. EFT, aka “tapping,” stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. I do have an Easy EFT Quick Start Guide on my website for people to download for free, if they wish.

At its basis, it seems pretty simple and even a 3 year old can do it. It is tapping major energy meridian points on the body while in the emotion to neutralize the “zing” of an emotion or memory. Done often, a person can start to change their life and how they look at the world for the better as they are releasing or neutralizing old energy patterns. A colleague of mine likes to say, “Emotions buried alive, never die” — meaning, they’ll follow you everywhere and pop up unexpectedly unless addressed.

With a passionate interest in energy psychology, how the brain works and quantum physics, I have put together my own thoughts as to how EFT works. This is a little deep, so you might have to take a breath first and just consider this information as interesting.

The normal brain neuron connections and how they fire are closely related to your emotions and memories. They get used to firing the same way. That’s why people find it hard to change habits or choose to stay in their comfort zone, even if they’re miserable. By interrupting the normal firing pattern of the neurons, old connections can start to disconnect and new neuron connections can be made. On a quantum level, our memories are actually stored in our energetic field and they are coded with the original emotion experienced at the time of the experience.

There are two things happening when we tap properly. We are disconnecting non-beneficial neuron connections (our repeater phase), and we are changing the original coding of the related emotion in our energy field. That’s when the magic begins to happen. Note: it’s not necessary to understand any of this for it to work. Another thought I have (and it’s only mine) is that if the memory is encoded with an emotion at the moment of the experience(s), and we know we can change the associated emotional coding, why should it take long at all?

The experience for clients is relief (healing) and the ability to breathe new life into their lives. They feel better, lighter, and things aren’t bothering them the way they used to. Opportunities start showing up. One client said it all: “I got my soul back.”

While it’s true that a 3 year old can “tap,” the hardest part for many is not being objective enough to quickly target what the issue is and go down the yellow brick road of what aspects to tap on, or, even what to say when tapping.

As an intuitive and master in the art of EFT, that’s where I believe I can help a client efficiently go through whatever their challenges are. My mission is to be there for my clients when they need me to help them heal, yet teach them and give them the tools so they can move forward. That’s why my in-depth programs are no longer than three or six months, so they don’t have to become dependent. Follow-up sessions are available if they need them for something that might arise as they continue life’s journey.

From a Law of Attraction point of view, EFT allows us to release the resistance we carry, consciously or unconsciously, so we can now allow what it is we say we want.

What is the greatest key to success that most of us are unaware of? 
The greatest key to success is getting out of your own way. I know that is hard to hear sometimes, but there is no one else in your own head except you. Yet, at the same time, we were never taught how to get out of our own way by dealing with our unworthiness or non-beneficial beliefs and emotions, so we can be joyful. Now you can know, if you choose to.

What message would you want to share with everyone on the planet at this time?
I always say jokingly, “If you’ve been born, you’ve got issues.” Yet, it’s so true that most of us cannot avoid life disappointments as we move through our life’s journey. When these add up (and they do) and are affecting your joy factor, it might be time to do something about it.

As we heal ourselves, we heal the world. If you have something in your life not going your way, it’s easier (and more efficient) than you might think to change how you perceive it and to allow something new, something different. It is time to stop being strong — and start being powerful. It is your time!

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