The Unexpected Benefits of Massage


If you have received a professional massage, you know about the benefits of massage such as relieving stress, managing pain, better quality of sleep and recovery from intense exercise, but are you aware of the deeper benefits?

Massage Therapy is not just a service. It is a cultivated skill based upon a connection between two people with the intention of healing.

Consider these unexpected benefits of massage:

Body Awareness — Experienced Massage Therapists have spent hundreds of hours working on bodies in many stages of life. We are able to feel and see things in your body that you cannot. We can actually feel your stress and tension manifesting in your tissues. We can show you with touch that it is there and we can release some of it and tell you how to continue to work on keeping the stress out of your body.

Allowing Help — Life is tough! There are many expectations placed upon us in society today. Working with a Massage Therapist is asking for help in releasing tension and allowing ourselves to heal and improve our physical and emotional state.

Gratitude — It is easy to take our bodies for granted. Giving your body a massage is a gift to yourself. It is thanking your body for doing what it does all day, every day. If you don’t have your health, where are you going to live?

• Reconnecting with your Higher Self — Receiving massage puts you into a relaxed state where you are more likely to be able to let go of the parts of your life that don’t matter and connect you with a place to rest, heal and realize what is really important and enjoy living in the present moment.


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