Wanderer: The Beauty of Life


I am sinking through the paradisical sky
Splashing high tides fade away into the horizon
Getting lost in the restless dreams of adventure
Wandering soul so vibrant and unguarded
Longing to experience all that life has to offer
The structure of daily living never stopped to question
Although so seemingly superficial
Am I just a lost wallflower in the sea of carbon copy pictures
Fly away little Robin
Be your own version of success
While the world fights to emulate their neighbors
You’re not running in their race
The life that you have chosen requires no direction
Your wings spread out wide
Be free my wild child
You’re not like the others
You see the beauty in all of life’s little things
Listen closely my darling
The whispering guidance of the wind
Unleash the voices deep into your soul
As there you store the knowledge that you already know
The moonlight kisses your forehead
As the ocean waves you goodbye
Tomorrow is just another day
To begin the rest of your life.

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  1. This poem inspired me to not only go after the dreams I am currently pursuing, but to be myself as I do so. Very deep. I read it three times, the author obviously has talent and experience. Thank you.


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