We’re Here to Have Purpose


An excerpt from Messages from the Divine: Wisdom for the Seeker’s Soul

Each of us is given a particular soul contract to accomplish in a lifetime. You may be sent here to write. You may be sent here to teach. You may be sent here to serve one particular soul or soul cluster, such as a family. You may be sent here to sacrifice on a karmic level, for a soul you’ve been working with a long time. You may be sent here to play, to enjoy, to experience. You may be sent here to travel the world, or to live in specific places. You may be sent here to heal others. You may be sent here to heal yourself. You may be sent here to build. You may be sent here to stabilize. You may be sent here to invent. You may be sent here to inspire.

These are just a few of the ways your contract is written, but always there is one main trajectory, one main calling, one main purpose that is yours and yours alone. Sometimes, we understand our purpose early: we get down to the business of living our lives clearly and at a young age. This is a marvelous gift, because in this way we have more time to focus on our path. We have more time in the lifespan to give our full attention to our soul’s calling. But often, we waste much of our lives slinking and sliding around our purpose, wondering if it is really ours, wondering if we will have the courage to undertake this great calling in our lifetime, wondering if we dare to do it.

In these cases we become: The writer who does not write. The painter who does not paint. The singer who does not sing. The doctor who does not heal. The explorer who does not explore. The adventurer who does not adventure. The parent who does not support a family. The inventor who does not invent. The motivator who does not inspire.

We live our lives. Instead shivering under blankets of fear and uncertainty, we hang on the edge of the diving board, refusing to dive in. We refuse to commit, we refuse to leap, we refuse to trust. We are living but we are not living our purpose, we are not living what we came here for.

It is a great waste, to not fully live in a lifetime.

Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know how to do. Just begin. Trust that in the doing of the thing, you will learn all that you need to know. Don’t be afraid if you will be a success by the world’s terms. Success is not in anyone’s contract. Your calling is simply to do the thing, to have the experience, to understand the lessons that arrive from the doing. Don’t wait until your life is perfect, until you have the time, until you have the space. Begin writing at the kitchen table. Clear out the garage and begin inventing. Apply to school now. Begin singing even as you walk to the bus stop.

When you are gone from this lifetime, when you are in review of this lifetime, you will see all the moments you were living from purpose, and how this focus, these activities, squeezed into place in the odd moment — the early morning, the lunch break, the afternoon downtime, the evening — created room for more living from purpose.

And you will see how all these moments spent moving in your purpose were brilliant gems, so much more valuable than the time wasted in addiction, in sloth, in must-do, in worry, in fear, in distraction. Make room, make room. Let go of what is not your purpose. Make space, make time. Begin to live your soul’s contract, in every moment you are breathing.

And if you don’t know your soul’s contract? We say, close your eyes. Breathe. Be still. Listen, feel, sense, see. You have known your contract since your birth. We say, it is the thing you are most afraid of, that excites you most deeply, that you most wish to do. It is the thing that if you were to start today, you would feel your heart expand in joy. We say, you are here to live your calling.

If you still do not know your calling, we say: yes, you do. Allow this.

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Sara Wiseman
Sara Wiseman is a visionary spiritual teacher and award-winning author of Messages from the Divine: Wisdom from the Seeker's Soul. Find out more about her book and Free Seeker's Guide at www.sarawiseman.com.


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