What is your Life’s Purpose?

A lot of people are looking for their “life purpose” and I think they may be looking in the wrong direction. Many people think their life purpose is having the right employment — having a job that makes them the amount of money they want and makes them happy. Or they may think that their life purpose is to “do something big and meaningful.” While those things are both wonderful pursuits, the answer might be much more simple and universal.

When you meet people who appear to have figured out their life purpose, they seem to have two key things in common. First, they love and accept themselves for who they are. Second, they treat others really well. These are the two key things behind that sense of joy in life that people who are living their purpose all radiate. There is a certain peace about them. They are happy with themselves and how their lives are going and people admire them for that.

You need to know what you mean by “life’s purpose.” If you went to a psychic and asked the “what’s my life’s purpose” question, what would you hope they would say? Asking yourself that question is a powerful exercise to do, because the answer may surprise you.

You may actually be looking for confirmation or permission to do something you’ve always wanted to do in your secret heart of hearts but were too afraid to pursue. Or, you may be looking more for that feeling of peace and contentment that you’ve seen in other people who seem to have their purpose figured out and on track.

Be aware that our egos can really do a number on us with this question. They often want to hear that our life’s purpose is to be rich, famous, universally adored or the next big thing! Who knows? Maybe that is your life’s purpose, but I guarantee if it isn’t coming from the basis of loving yourself and being good to others, it wouldn’t be fulfilling. There are scores of celebrities who pursued and achieved those kinds of dreams and were utterly miserable. How could the ultimate purpose of your life be something that didn’t bring you inner peace and love?

If you are reading this, you are most likely a person who believes in some sort of higher power, whether it be God, the Universe, Spirit or your Higher Self. Within every religion is a common theme of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” or “Do as thou will but harm none.” Basically, treat others as you want them to treat you. That pretty much covers it all. If we all did that, there would be no killing, no stealing, and no cheating, because we would be acutely aware that we would never want to be treated that way, so we would never do that to someone else.

The flipside of that is the idea of loving yourself. You want others to treat you with love, so you must also treat yourself that way. What if this is everyone’s life purpose: to find your unique way of loving yourself and loving others? I think there is a freedom that comes with that idea. You can start living your life’s purpose right now! You wouldn’t have to agonize over what you’re “supposed” to be doing with your life and get on with just doing those two simple (but sometimes difficult) tasks. Love yourself. Treat others lovingly.

You need to keep those two things in balance. If you love yourself more than you love others, you will act selfishly and hurt others. If you love others more than you love yourself, you act co-dependently and hurt yourself. Measure your decisions by asking if it’s a loving thing to do for you and others. If you love yourself, you won’t settle for things that don’t align with that. If you treat others lovingly, they will respect and admire you.

If that is your life’s purpose, your life will be rich and fulfilling — and everything else will fall into place.



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