Who is your Master Spirit Guide?


As a spiritual teacher and medium, I am delighted when a client asks, “Who is my main spirit guide?” Spirit guides work mostly behind the scenes, giving you gentle nudges along your path. They can send you signs, symbols, synchronicities and dreams to help point you on your way.

Your spirit guides don’t exactly know your future, because you have free will. If you shift your thoughts, words and actions, you could change the trajectory of your life in an instant. Not only do your spirit guides want to help you, they need the work. By helping you, your spirit guides can grow in their abilities to serve humankind. Talk about a win-win relationship!

People and pets you have loved who are no longer in bodies can act as helpers on your team of guides. But most spirit guides are not loved ones from your current lifetime. While it’s true that your loved ones in Heaven help you sometimes, they have wonderful and busy lives. Most of your guides are professional spirit guides. They have lived many lifetimes, mostly on Earth but not always here, and they have amassed tremendous life experience. Becoming a spirit guide is a process that usually begins with a nomination made to a Council of Guides. If the soul qualifies for spirit guide training and chooses to be a guide, he or she will usually begin an apprenticeship. One day the apprentice will become a master spirit guide or a subject matter expert guide.

The spirit guides on your team at this moment are exactly the ones you need. Subject matter expert guides are those guides who, based upon our current needs, come and go from your team for a season or a reason. For example, there are guides who come in and help an entrepreneur through the start-up phase of the business. There are divorce guides that will help the person go through a divorce. However, if you ignore all the signs and synchronicities that a subject matter expert guide arranges for you, they might move on to help someone else. Subject matter expert guides are in high demand!

However, there is one spirit guide who will never, ever leave you. The master spirit guide is your primary guide. Your master spirit guide is with you from birth to death and during your life between lives. I recommend getting acquainted with your master guide first and then it will be easier to get to know the other guides on your team.

Please don’t get hung up on getting “the one and only correct name” of a spirit guide, because there is no such thing! Remember, spirit guides live in a spiritual plane where names are unnecessary. But your guides realize that having a name makes communication much easier. And it would seem rude to us if we referred to our guides with “Hey, you!”

The good news is that you and your guides can agree upon the names that you will call them. You certainly don’t need to get a reading to learn the name of a spirit guide. You can do it yourself. It is easy! When you have centered and grounded yourself, sit quietly for a moment with the intention that you wish to connect with your master spirit guide.

Next, visualize a blank white movie screen. This will be your viewing screen. Ask your master spirit guide, “What name shall I call you?” You can say this in your mind or aloud if you like. When a name pops onto your viewing screen, then you can say, “I saw the name Sara (for example). May I call you Sara?” You will be able to sense whether the name is acceptable or not, and it usually is! If nothing is coming to you on the movie screen, try using a pad of paper and a pen. Write down the name that pops into your mind when you ask, “What name shall I call you?” Then write the name on your paper, slowing and deliberately, one letter at a time. Afterwards, say, “I wrote the name Sara (for example). May I call you Sara?” Chances are that even before you write the word “yes,” you will feel that the name is good.

Remember, you’re working with a master spirit guide who has had many names in many lifetimes and has no need for a name, except to communicate more easily with you. You simply need to hit upon a name that both of you like.

Next you can use your viewing screen to see what your master spirit guide looks like. Most guides will choose an appearance somewhere between what you like and how they appeared in one of their favorite Earthly incarnations.

Now that you have a name and appearance of your primary spirit guide, you can begin to communicate more easily. Start by asking “yes” and “no” questions and sensing your guide’s response. To get your baseline of “yes” and “no” responses, begin by asking a few simple practice questions to which you know the answers. But please remember that YOU are responsible for making your own best decisions. Your spirit guide’s opinion is intended to help you make your best choices with more inner peace. Bear in mind that your guide will normally not interfere when you are already exercising your free will. So please remember to check in with your spirit guide before making a major decision.

Enjoy the peace of knowing that you are unconditionally loved, guided and supported!

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Susanne Wilson
Susanne Wilson is a scientifically authenticated medium and author of Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication. Visit www.CarefreeMedium.com.


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