A Pleiadian Message – Coming Soon: Profound Reconnections


Beloved ones, we greet you. Throughout the ages Earth has been entrenched to the full spectrum of illusion. This illusion has formed a powerful anchoring of restriction and limitation within you and your life. Humanity has been operating within these constraints within your Earth plane for eons. The majority of you have been playing within a very narrow base of reality through your lives within this illusion.

The reset of energy that took place in late March has been transforming you systematically, creating a natural process of realigning you to Truth. Many of you are experiencing a profound readjustment period within your own consciousness, and simultaneously there is the reopening of a pathway to your multidimensional heart. The cells of your body are realigning to this new life force pulse that is now being transmitted through your heart. This pulse is creating a steady, flowing movement that is building in momentum and is designed to gradually reopen all of your multidimensional systems.

Step by step, you are being realigned and redefined to access your multidimensional nature. This pulse can be likened to a heartbeat that is ongoing and will continue to build in intensity. This pulse creates an action of pure light being manifested within, and carries the mission as the awakener to your own God light.

The pulse
The source of this pulse has arisen from the very central multidimensional point within your resident Universe. It sources directly from the collective God consciousness. Your Earth is being moved, transformed dimensionally by this God consciousness light, which has always been carried within this frequency pulse.

Your planet is slowly being repositioned energetically through this pulsing light. Earth is being reborn, taken beyond its original limited illusion framework setting to a higher multidimensional level reality of Truth.

You are each being currently held within the God light and simultaneously your hearts are being awakened through the pure integrity of your individual aspect of God light. This pulse was birthed and activated in March and is designed to gradually realign you to the true perceptions held within the Universe. This metamorphic process is to enable you to respond differently within your own heart through this frequency of Universal Truth.

The frequency from this pulse has been designed to speak to each one of you individually through the multidimensional chamber of your Heart. This interaction of the pulse will realign you to your authentic Higher Self pathway within your heart. You will return to that expanded aspect of your consciousness, which you have always been. Through this frequency pulse, your journey homeward will be able to accelerate.

This pulse has always been in existence throughout our resident Universe. For the very first time in the history of your plane, Earth is finally operating within the same frequency pulse as the rest of the Universe. The action of this multidimensional birthing on Earth is creating a new flow, a quickening to open within the consciousness of the entire Universe.

The same resonance
Your planet Earth has always been part of the physical Universe, however never before have you held the same resonance as the Collective Consciousness within the entire Universe. Through this elevation of Earth’s resonance, a Higher Realm doorway has been opened making it possible for the entire Universe to access and align to the “God Seat of Power.”

This opening will allow all “life force groups” within our Universe to expand into another multidimensional focus within the Collective Consciousness. We will anchor an expanded light force within the full arena of the Universe between us. This process of opening will allow us to hold the expanded expression of God Consciousness communion collectively between us. The resident Universe is able to move to another level of evolution because of this “happening” on Earth.

All life force groups within the Universe are holding a strong platform of support for those of you on Earth who are ready to consciously rejoin our Collective Communion. This is a beginning of a great shift of consciousness for those of you who are willing to begin to utilize your natural multidimensional reconnections within your heart. The doorway of your heart has transformed for the sole purpose of your self-realization through the utilization of your heart as a multidimensional tool.

Rapid Reconnection
Each one of you has said “Yes” to being here at this juncture on Earth. This is your time for rapid reconnection, reunion and reawakening now. We see you as if you are in a dilemma while you are having your human experience, as you juggle with the dynamic of your ego mind’s assessment of the illusion of the drama that has been and is continually unfolding on your planet.

Remember, your ego mind does not understand anything beyond 3rd dimensional illusion. Your ego mind constantly misinterprets and misunderstands that which is in front of you within the drama. The ego cannot accurately assess what is taking place within the 3rd dimension and beyond, including your relationship to the Higher Realms within your Higher Self.

Here’s what is imperative for you to fully appreciate: Your need to witness all the illusion within the drama currently being played out on your planet. This drama is meaningless within the higher dimensional realms. It is important to understand that whatever dramas are unfolding on the planet and within your life right now will not impact and have no consequences within the Higher Realms. No ripples are created from the drama on your planet beyond the 3rd dimension. The sacred transitional process on your Earth plane continues to evolve, regardless of the drama and is insignificant within the big picture within the Higher Realms.

Fully on track
Our assessment of your awakening is that you are fully on track in your current evolutionary transition on Earth. We witness you in a different light from your own assessment of your self. We see your brilliance without the interference of illusion. We see your reconnections without the interference and misperceptions of your ego mind.

The focus within our mission right now is to support you in the anchoring of the realignment to your multidimensional heart. Your reconnection to your heart naturally aligns you beyond the illusion, beyond the ego mind to your Higher Self. This anchoring allows you to open into moments of clarity enabling your Higher Self to bring enormous support to your human element.

Your human self has been immersed within the illusion of the drama, which has created fear, struggle and a sense of powerlessness. This reconnection to your sacred structure is designed to bring a new experience of stability to your human aspect. There can be relief within your human aspect, as a new sense of higher sustenance becomes part of your day-to-day living from your Higher Self reconnections.

Lessening of fear
What you will experience in the moments of reconnection to your Higher Self will be an alleviation of the struggle and a lessening of fear held within the ego mind. As you open into experiencing the peace that is part of your Higher Self and move into a deepening clarity around your life, your ego mind will receive some of that serenity. The energy of this essence can release tension and anxiety within the ego mind. Each time you open into your heart, into that place beyond the drama, you align to a depth of stillness and your ego mind begins to register relief. This is accumulative within you, and your human aspect begins to feel nourished and supported through each moment of reconnection.

There is a necessity for you to comprehend your unique makeup and the full dynamic that takes place within: You have your human aspect and your Higher Self, which is your sacred aspect. Your sacred aspect is fully intact just beyond the veil. Up until recently you have only been consciously connected to your human self, through the ego mind. For lifetimes you have had incarnations of having to leave your physical body to reconnect to your Higher Self. In this lifetime, as you move into the third transition phase of the “new dawning” era on Earth, you are able to consciously realign to your Higher Self, while still in this physical body.

You will begin to appreciate aspects of your multidimensionality. This is a natural state of being for you, an aspect of your sacred makeup. You are, in Truth, a “multidimensional being” simultaneously having a human experience in this lifetime.

Align consciously
When you align consciously within your heart, you are choosing to move beyond the 3rd dimensional reality. Your heart is a multidimensional tool for you to utilize in any experience within a chosen moment. It is important to recognize and know that as you take this step to align within your heart, your ego mind is not able to comprehend an aspect of any experience you have outside the illusion of 3rd dimension.

So it is essential to realize ahead of time that your ego mind will not be able to identify any experience you have as authentic. Even while you are having an experience with your Higher Self, your ego mind will probably attempt to negate every aspect of your experience. Just because the mind is breaking down your experience within the very moment of reconnection within the heart does not mean you are having any less of an expanded experience. You will come to realize that because of your multidimensionality you can have more than one full experience at any one time. You can be listening to the ego mind’s constant dialogue and simultaneously have your full experience of reconnection with your Higher Self.

The one experience does not discount the other experience, and you can open into a deeper understanding of your self, your multidimensionality, and the play out with your ego mind. This will enable you to develop a working relationship between your human aspect and Higher Self. This knowledge of your Self will support you to ultimately be able to move forward beyond the sabotage of your human aspect. Creating new building blocks for a steady and deepening foundation with your Higher Self.

Another key factor to consider is there is nothing more you have to achieve or evolve within your human self before aligning to the sacred aspect of your Higher Self. You are ready now!

Let’s look at the simple process of reconnection to your multidimensional tool of your heart.


1. Always use the conscious breath to enter your heart (breathe in the mouth and out the mouth.)
2. Always have the palms of your hands flat on your chest. Know that the full chest area is your heart space.
3. Bring your awareness to your hands resting on your chest, and then use the conscious breath. Breathe into where your hands are physically connecting to your heart space. Do the process a number of times until you feel, sense or see a deeper connection opening up.
4. Now bring in the sound, ESTE (pronounced ESTAY). Direct the sound within the opening of your heart. Keep using the sound while the heart continues to actively open to you. Use this sound until you feel, sense or see the full opening within your heart.
5. Then stop. Bring your awareness into where you find your self. This may be an unfamiliar place. Use the conscious breath into the space, and feel how your breath aligns you deeper within the multidimensional space of your heart.
6. Simply open into the experience of your Self, use the breath and let go.

The more you do this process, the more you will unfold within your Higher Self. This is your time to liberate your human self.

Celebrate your humanness, your imperfections and your idiosyncrasies. We remind you once more that you have come to have your human experience while consciously aligning back to your sacred nature. This is your mission in this lifetime!

The third transitional phase has just begun on planet Earth, and you can expect a further series of profound reconnections to activate over the coming months.

We, the Pleiadians, are part of a Universal team assisting Earth. Know that there are many life force groups supporting your transition at this time. The spiritual realms are playing pivotal roles within your transition. You can call any one of us forward to support you. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.



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