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Picture, if you will, a 4-year-old girl who is in the water at her swimming lesson. She knows that in order to pass the class, she must be able to swim out to the middle dock. But this girl, young Annette, didn’t have the encouragement or confidence to swim that far.

Enter divine intervention.

“I went under water and did not surface, and an angel lifted me up and the life guard had time to rescue me,” Annette said in an interview with The Edge. “That was my first (encounter with an angel) that I remember, though the connection has grown increasingly over time.”

Annette Bruchu lives in Stillwater, MN, where she runs her Helping You Heal Center and Grow Center. She is known for her aura photography, but she also teaches classes on how to develop your intuitive abilities and how to be a better healer.

She also offers guidance on how to trust and grow our angel connection. Her book, Angel Relationships: A Match Made in Heaven, was just published and in it she describes a cosmic shift that is taking place, pulling the higher realm of the angels closer to humanity at a time in which both angels and people desire to be closer.

“A wonderful phenomenon is happening in heaven and on Earth,” she writes. “Angels want to prove their existence, and they are reaching out to connect with us more than ever. Likewise, here on Earth, people are learning more about the angelic realm and the roles and purpose of angels in our lives.”

Annette Bruchu
The Edge spoke with Annette about angels and her new book that is the perfect resource for someone who wants an angelic connection.

What is the purpose of angels?
The purpose of angels is to have that connection with us so we can change and grow. They help guide us to wisdom. They help guide us through lessons in life and emotions. They talk to us through our gut so we can not live in regret. They intervene with us and they prepare us. They recharge us, and they also make a plan with us.

A plan?
They make a plan with us. So, when we rest or take a nap, sometimes that is when we are planning our next step through our dream, our transcendental process. They love to plan with us.

Do angels assist every human being on the planet?
The answer is if we are willing to believe that they are important to us, they do. Every human being or mere mortal has an assigned angel to them. Not everybody knows how to trust them, however. But, the answer is yes to that.

So the angel assigned to us is our guardian angel?
That’s correct. A guardian angel has the vantage point so we can have that free will to live in healthier ways and be more motivated and the outcome is better than we expect.

After your experience of the angel helping you in the water, how have angels helped you in your life?
Many ways. They have given me daily assistance. They have spoken to me and I’ve heard their words. They have a great impact and a solid impact on my life.

For example, driving down the highway the other day I heard their voice three times to go a different way. However, it is up to me to trust that voice, which I did, and I avoided a car accident. That’s only one example. The other day they told me something about a person who came to visit me and asked a question about headaches. The angels said, “It is her premolar and the outside of her enamel has a crack in it.”

Angels speak to me with words and they speak to me with messages of thought. They are very unique and very brilliant, in more ways than not.

In general, how do angels help all of us in our lives. In your book, you mention assistance with emotions and sickness and providing direction. Are the number of ways they can help us unlimited, depending on what our circumstances are?
Absolutely. They are very encouraging. I always say the bottom line is very basic: talk to them, set an intention, tell them what you want, or to choose whether it is material, spiritual, healing. They will lead you in a better outcome. The trust that we build is key, and as the miracles of the angels intervene and you follow that gut feeling, it is amazing.

I’ve worked with many serious situations and by following my angels’ guidance, came through with a great recovery and out of turmoil. It’s about having the patience to really hear or listen to them through your thoughts or your heart or your soul, however you recognize the connection to the angels. Some people say they just feel.

By reading a book like yours, we are given information about angels, but the next step is having that direct experience with an angel. Is there a certain mindset that you need to experience them directly?
A lot of people say you have to meditate and you have to be relaxed, but I say as long as you have them fused to you as they do and are to me, and pay attention to your thoughts, the reaction is much better. Angels will intervene under stress. They will give you a head’s up in a dream state.

In all our busy-ness, why are people always aligned at the right place at the right time? Through opportunities, the angels will move them or assist them. I do see that people are becoming more sensitive. They are definitely raising their energy and vibration. They have fed their spirituality and their intuition for many years now and the key is to balance out their thinking and trust more of their feeling.

So many people over-think the angel communication and add a lot of doubt to the process. In hindsight, that’s how we learn to listen to our angels and access that expert information. The connection is softer. They will never let you down.

You talked about the angels being fused to you. Is the key to develop a daily relationship with them, as your book implies: angel relationships?
I say it should be daily, it could be hourly. I don’t walk around with my fingers touching each other and wondering, “Are they with me? Are they with me?” I pay attention to thoughts that pop into my head and I don’t wonder where they’re from. I take notice of the randomness of what is happening.

Signs, for instance. Many people are attracted to listening to signs and looking for signs, and when they look for the signs that can be a great effect, and actually a fun way, to help them smile, to be more peaceful, to be more insightful. I say the tips of the angel wings can touch us often and kind of nudge us, but so many people worry about things that they shouldn’t need to pay attention to or worry about.

I’m always awestruck when somebody comes in to our center and they are over the top with excitement that something made a difference. They listened to their intuition. They felt it in their gut, and they simply made that shift. So, the book will speak to us for a lot of growth in a lot of troubled times.

It’s true that angels will not take action unless we ask them to?
Well, that comes with the free will that we were gifted at birth. So, when we hear them and react to them, they will assist us. I don’t know if that’s fully the truth because I’ve seen many boatloads of miracles happen and a lot of people didn’t believe in spirituality. I do think they are enthusiastic to help us. When we have a mission or a purpose in our life to fulfill, I think they can accelerate that motion and not be afraid to make a phenomenal change without us even knowing it.

Are there cases where consciously we may not be asking, but maybe on an inner level we have that connection that we’re not aware of? And someone who may not believe in angels or believe in spirituality may have an active relationship with an angel without knowing it consciously?
That’s very possible, and probable. They are connected to everyone in every way. Many times the angels will sit back and just observe situations. I’ve seen angels sit back and just file their nails, hoping that I can increase my awareness from a different perspective. They’re trying to reach out and connect with us more than ever, and they’re hoping somebody else can acknowledge them or hear their guidance. They try to influence us over logic and fear.

They must have a lot of patience with us, because on some level we must seem like we are asleep most of the time, people who are not conscious of what’s going on.
Absolutely. I think they have a great deal of patience and imagination, but yet they are able to use their voice in so many ways. Have you ever heard three times in one day through your friends or people crossing in front of you or a stranger mention an inspirational idea to move forward or to change that job? They will use other people’s energy to get that message to you, so you get very excited, like, “Oh, I get it now!”

So it’s almost like the angels are conspiring, “Hey, I can’t reach my guy. Can you reach him through your person?”
That’s right, absolutely. To me that’s a phenomenal way in which they can warn us or heighten our awareness of a situation. They’re always there for us, and I think they’re extremely patient.

What inspired you to write the new book, Angel Relationships?
It was my belief in angels and how we are fused, how they are fused to me, and their expertise of knowledge is so encouraging and they are supporting so many people. Every day I meet a lot of enthusiastic people who have such a strong effect on me, and I try to teach them that they also have help and support through their own angels, to get rid of old stagnant thinking and to look at things in a new way and really assess the inspiration of this angel relationship. I see that people are growing in a positive way and they want their life to be simpler. To me, that’s very important. I always tell people to really be compassionate, trust their sensitivity, and keep their lives simple.

The inspiration came in many ways to write this book, but I hear so many people asking, “How do you do this? How do I trust?” The first thing I say is, “Don’t doubt.”

Does that create a block in our connection with them when we have the doubts and fears in our mind?
I don’t know if creates a block, but it does not accelerate the motion of hearing their voice. The angels will have to work harder at their unique way of inspiring us, but angels will find a way. I don’t know that it will block their motion. Doubt is doubt. I say I’d rather see people with confidence 100 percent than confidence with 99 percent. That 1 percent can always be that, “Yeah, but….”

Many books have been written on angels. What sets your book apart from the others?
Everybody has unique talents and gifts and we’re always influenced over time to use our logic over our intuition. Many people view common sense as coincidences and I say it’s God’s way of staying anonymous, as Albert Einstein stated. Angel energy is both empowering and limitless, and I encourage people to choose and embrace their spirituality and their intuition, because over time angels will show us how we can have a better life, how we can discover smiles again, laughter again.

I say, stay connected. I try to share different ways of meditation, experiences of adaptation and growth. It’s more than just talking about that we have an angel. It’s how to have a solid understanding to connect with them. My book is designed to help you to know your angels through meditation, and to call them in in times of trouble — but not always at times of trouble, but also during times of celebration.

Tell our readers about the angel messages in your book.
All my life I’ve been receiving angel messages of protection, voices of love, and I jot down these angel messages as a reminder that maybe they’re for me, maybe they’re for others, but I do share them. These angel messages give me hope and guidance, as well as for other people.

So many people live with anxiety and fear. There is a simple recipe to do it better. Angel messages remind us to pay attention and don’t forget that they’re there. They are always keeping us moving forward so we don’t jump from the boat too soon. Hang in there another day. The encouragement of these messages is to be kinder.

Angels look at our life as 3D and we look at our life as linear. So when they give us guidance through words and inspiration, they have a better behind-the-scene perspective of our life. That’s why I urge everybody to not over-think, but to slow down and listen to their connection of kindness.

When you were speaking I was thinking about how angels are so often described as performing miracles, but potentially they assist us millions of times throughout the hours and days and it’s the subtle things that go unnoticed by most people.
The subtle things can go unnoticed by people. Once you start clearing up and seeing those subtle things, then you will be able to use them in miracle situations. I work with a lot of serious situations faced by clients — double lung transplants, for example, which is very serious. I call upon the angels to be present with their procedure and bring them miracles.

The angels can help our people and clients navigate through life and life challenges, however they also have a healing effect, calming us down in ordinary day-to-day situations: “I’m glad I got gas now,” “Well, I’m glad I didn’t accelerate through that yellow light.” They can communicate with us on every level we can imagine.

What do you say to somebody who says, “I’ve asked my angels for help and I’m not getting it. They didn’t help me in such and such a situation.”
Well, maybe they did help them through the situation and still someone feels they were let down. That might be that 1 percent doubt that I was referring to earlier. Maybe it was a karmic experience. It depends on the situation, of course.

Do you talk about archangels at all and what role they have compared to other angels?
The archangels are in a sacred space and they have a lot of assistance in other angelic realms. They are part of the team, and they are simply very powerful. In the center of my focus I call forth “The Angels” or “The Voice of the Angels” to encourage me. I don’t have to be specific — archangel, specific angel, guardian angel — I just call the angels in general.

What message do you want to leave with those who read your book?
The overall message that I would like to leave the readers is that the angel relationship is a match made in heaven and it’s filled with guidance, that we can grow and bond with our guardian angels, or our Heavenly beings, that we can better discover the signs and how to navigate through out earthly challenges.

A healing effect takes place when you have completed the angel book, knowing that our angels have devoted their Heavenly energy and higher intelligence to us mortal humans, that God created the angels for a specific purpose, so that we would not have to walk alone on our path. I hope many readers expand their angel communication and their awareness.

Where can people find your book?
You can go to my website, and click on Angel Relationships Book, or the link for Amazon to order it. It is available nationwide in stores and bookstores near you, or you can come to the Helping You Heal Center in Stillwater and we will have it here, as well.

What final message would you like to leave with our readers today?
It’s wonderful to know that Heaven is filled with a lot of guidance. It’s wonderful to know that intuition is nature’s way of providing our subconscious with advice that will guide us through our lives. I hope everybody enjoys reading Angel Relationship, A Match Made in Heaven to improve their intuition and their growth.

For more information on Annette Bruchu and her book, Angel Relationships: A Match Made in Heaven, visit

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