Angels Are Calling

Reports of people seeing angels come from all over the world. Some reveal events of unexplained happenings in times of tragedy that disappear into the ether. Do angels exist? In my opinion, yes. They comfort us in times of sorrow, they lead us away from danger, they give us signs, and they rejoice with us.

How To Connect With Angels
We connect with angels through prayer. Prayer is one of the most beautiful things we can do in the world. It takes us to a place of surrender, serenity and grace. It is where we spiritually talk one-on-one with Jesus and send him gratitude for His many blessings, including sending his angels to protect us, our family, friends and surroundings. Jesus has never failed me, even in times when things turned out differently than expected. Prayer is like that. We receive for our highest good, not for our highest want.

Angels work in union with Jesus to assist us in our highest purpose in life. I am humbled by their presence and deeply grateful for their guidance. Think of angels as guides sent from Jesus who protect and support you while also loving, comforting and celebrating life with you.

Angels beckon us to the beauty of life as they call out to us. My mom always taught me to say hello to everyone I meet with a smile, because they could be an angel in disguise or sent by an angel to give us messages, and I am delighted by the conversations I have in life. Sometimes they lead back to memories of my childhood, to things I have been reading about, to places that would interest me, to leading me on a journey in life. The timing of angelic synchronicity is divine and unmistakable. While you may question it, I have found the most comforting way is to have faith and learn from it.

All we need to be is open in life to the many possibilities. Divine fate reaches beyond our exterior and touches our soul to raise our energy to that of Spirit, giving the purest of love that heals us. If you have never felt their love, I encourage you to open yourself to receive it. While we don’t always see the miracles being created in life, we sometimes get a glimpse of them, even if in the corner of our eye or in our dreams. I always welcome them as I quiet my mind and meditate on their love to hear their words and write as they guide me.

Signs of Angels
Angels are everywhere. A choir of angels sang in the cemetery on the other side of a mound that no one saw or heard, other than a child. A young girl was lifted by something under the water while falling in the ocean. Angels left a shower of rose petals along a path. Cherubs visited prior to a baby physically entering the world.

Signs of angels, especially in nature, are all around us. We need only stop and see them as angels guide us to them. Animals are also one of the purest connections with our soul. Deer, for instance, bring warnings and greetings in life when we need a visual representation. Simply watch and pay attention to understand the message.

Prayers are always heard. You just need to say them. He has compassion for us. You need only be open to receiving it. Pray and be grateful to Him for sending His angels to call upon us. For He is always with us, all the days of our lives. God bless and blessed be, in Him, with Him, through Him, as His angels unite hand in hand and glorify Him for our greatest good. Amen.



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