Angels are Here for Us


In my experience, angels are always working with us, guiding us, teaching us and loving us. The first time I experienced working with an angel was during a weeklong certification class on healing.

We had each vowed to be a node of peace so that we could work with a group of beings who are offering their assistance in healing. Then it was my turn to practice the techniques we had learned. When I started, I saw a hand from behind me start guiding me on what to do. When I looked over my shoulder to see who it was, I could not believe it. It was Archangel Raphael. I was so humbled by the love and support that he was showing me as he guided me through the healing process. I was smiling ear to ear as I followed his techniques.

You might ask what he looked like or how I knew it was Archangel Raphael? It wasn’t like I saw a man with wings, but I saw a very tall dark figure and I just knew. Most of the time when I see angels, they do not have wings. I also see Archangel Michael as really big but glowing with a white golden light.

Angels come with all their glory and are present for all of us. I do an interdimensional sound healing that has been taught to me and tweaked with the assistance of angels and masters. When I work with someone, many angels will come to add more consciousness, embrace them, sing to them and support them during their session. It is truly beautiful and humbling to experience such unconditional love being shown to the client.

These angels are waiting for us to call upon them and ask for assistance. They hold us, talk to us and infuse light into us. The angels will even find us parking spaces and lost items, according to my husband!

One technique I have used is to ask from appreciation for whatever you need, then journal about it. Write down whatever you feel, see, hear or know, and then wait to read it for a few days. Another technique that is very effective is this: prior to going to sleep, ask the angels for assistance in whatever you need and keep a dream journal about the dreams you have. They will work with us as much as we allow them to.

The angels are here for us, waiting to engage. Let them into your heart.


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