Angels are Spiritual Beings

Too often people talk of angels, but seldom do you see anyone define what they mean by angel. To me, an angel is a spiritual being whose energy is motivated by love. In the same way that a demon would be a spiritual being whose energy is motivated by evil or egotistic motives. Many spiritual beings are somewhere between an angel and a demon.

I’m an American who lived in Brazil for more than 25 years. In Brazil, about 10 million people belong to the Spiritualist Society, whose teachings are based on Alan Kardec. Thousands of Spiritualist centers exist where people contact spirits or seek to heal a physical disease or a mental illness with the help of a spirit. Thousands of documented healings describe how spiritual entities have been used to facilitate these healings.

One of the most famous is John of God, but over 50 years ago there was another Brazilian healer named Arigo who incorporated a spiritual being called Dr. Fritz. I would tend to label the spirits who participated in these healings as angels, but I’m sure there are many people who would claim that this is the work of the devil.

The point I wish to make is that spiritual beings are all around us. They could be good spirits or bad spirits. We need to decide in advance why we want to contact an angel who will do us good, rather than a demon that will end up harming us. Many types of voodoo incorporate spells cast to hurt people or cause someone to fall in love with another person. There are people who are able to manipulate spiritual beings who possess negative energy. The Catholic church is familiar with these evil spirits and has been involved with demonic possessions and exorcism for hundreds of years.

I don’t think it’s a question of whether we can contact an angel, or a devil. It’s a question of the reason why we want to make contact. An angel of love will only come to us if we are worthy of receiving them.

I was fortunate to have my own encounter with seven spiritual beings in 1991. I had been trying to make contact with spiritual masters or angels for over 15 years, but with little success. My encounter with these seven angels occurred as a vision during the daytime while doing a meditation exercise. They gave me a message that has taken me 25 years to decipher, which I published under the title of 7 Laws of Human Nature.

It was my one and only experience with angels, or as I refer to them, “spiritual masters.” From this experience and from further contemplation, I now believe that angels or spiritual masters will only come to us when we are working towards the good of humanity. They rarely come to an individual to resolve some illness or problem unless it also has some benefit for the rest of society.

Just as angels are capable of performing good deeds and helping society, so too are human beings. In fact, I believe the best way to meet an angel is to act like an angel, and in this way we become what we have been searching for. Angels aren’t supernatural beings. They represent the sacredness of love that we all want to become part of.

I used to be a Boy Scout, and one of our mottos was, “Do a good deed daily.” I think that would be a good motto for anyone wanting to see an angel or become an angel.



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