Archangel Gabriel’s Clarion Call


Twilight, that wonderful magical in-between time, was fast approaching. And I lay flat on my back, peacefully resting on my bed. Both my eyes were shut tight. But the aperture of my Third Eye was about to surprise me and open wide its magnificent portal.

My relaxed, surrendered, theta-like state was gently “jolted” by a soft, yet challenging, voice declaring, “Another afternoon is passing you by and what will you have to show for yourself and give to the world?” It felt clairaudient — but whose voice was this, if not my own? I had neither called on God nor an angel.

And then the identity of the speaker was revealed to me, much to my utter amazement and delight. It was Archangel Gabriel, who seemingly out of the blue appeared to me — indeed like the blue of the pure blue ethereal sky filled with puffy, fluffy, clear-white cumulus clouds. Seated in a chariot powered by a pure white steed, a golden, wavy-haired Gabriel was charging across this heavenly terrain. Looking luminous in his white tunic, his white wings folded back, he held in one hand a rein and in the other an elegant, ancient horn.

I knew he had countless miracles and messages ahead to fulfill, and yet he took the time to slow down to gaze warmly, yet determinedly, in my direction. Of course, he does this because he has endless love and infinite powers and does not exist in time or space, as we mere mortals normally do. Anyway, he “stopped” just long enough for me to get his message. It was a wake-up call! Time to get back in my “chariot” and take charge of my mission.

Up until this incredible visit, my communications from Gabriel had been strictly clairaudient and clairsentient. So with this wondrous clairvoyant and cinematic vision, I felt my relationship with Gabriel expand in a new, beautiful, very real and vital way. I saw him clearly now as a unique and superlative life coach, and also as a marvelous role model in his dramatic, urgent call to action to me and in his tireless, unceasing service to innumerable others.

Gabriel has been with me from the very beginning of my relatively recent incarnation as a born-again writer whose divine mission is to write and publish my mystical, spiritual and healing stories. I have shared much meditative and prayerful communication with him, and he has planted seeds, words and ideas for me as a writer, much to my delight. What a fabulous co-creator he is! A continuing source of support and inspiration for me, Gabriel is “just” doing his job, for his specialty as the “Messenger Angel” is to assist those whose divine mission entails communication, writing, the arts, journalism, etc.

Because I have been focused on Gabriel as my writing coach, I actually forgot about his reputation as the Angel of Annunciation and Revelation, until he made his appearance to me. Indeed, it was Gabriel in Luke who announced the birth of Jesus Christ to Mary: “…Behold I bring you good tidings of great joy….” It was also Gabriel who revealed the text of the Koran to Muhammad. And it is Gabriel “who announces the ascension to each soul. He appears in a brilliant white light to each of us for whom the ascension is possible,” as revealed in Access the Power of Your Higher Self by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

To be clear, the ascension is “simply” becoming one with God. When this happens, you will never need to reincarnate again.

When an archangel appears to me without my request, I pay close attention to his message, because its sense of urgency and importance is magnified for me. I know in my heart that Gabriel wants me to talk about him. This is reinforced by my knowing that one aspect of my mission here on Earth is to communicate to others about archangels and ascended masters.

I believe Gabriel was signaling the urgency of getting his message out. Two thousand years ago, Gabriel foretold the birth of Jesus Christ and the arrival of a new age. And now he is announcing another 2,000-year cycle, one that will bring peace, love and harmony to our planet. Out of chaos and darkness, it is already being born. Gabriel is a great trumpeter-harbinger of hope and faith: “…Behold I bring you good tidings of great joy….”

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Astrid Bergie
Astrid Bergie is a mystic, poet, metaphysician and writer. Contact her at [email protected].


  1. Beautiful writing and what an amazing story! It was also the perfect length.
    I have been working with Archangel Gabriel as well, and how lucky you are to have had this kind of interaction with him!

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    Love and Light to you,

  2. Britta,
    It is a sheer delight to receive your highly appreciative comments on my writing and the experience it conveys. I feel you somehow understand the uniqueness and significance of my encounter with Gabriel, and that mean a lot to me!
    So, thank you!!
    Be in light, be in love,


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