Finding my Angels


Buddha, Jesus, and Metatron walk into a bar….

Okay, so they didn’t walk into a bar, but they did walk into my life. My spiritual journey started with a random and serendipitous meeting with a psychic. After a year of blindly trusting her advice and my own intuition, I felt called to go back and visit her again. Get a yearly check-up, if you will.

I was also at a point of confusion in my life and career. I felt I had many possible roads I could go down but had no idea where to turn.

“This year is a year of blossoming for you” the psychic told me. “And you are not on your own doing this. You have a lot of help around you.” Sure, I thought, I know I have my spirit guides with me. You said that last time. I swear she must have read my mind because she then emphasized these are not spirit guides, but this help is from my angels.

Specifically, she said, I have an archangel that goes by the name Metatron. I instantly pictured Megatron from Transformers. I later learned from Doreen Virtue’s book Archangels 101 that his aura is deep pink and dark green with a brightly lit cube. Not quite the shiny metal robot I originally imagined. I also learned that Metatron is here for me because he is an angel that teaches people how to use their spiritual power for good. He records these choices, in the Universe’s archives. This made perfect sense for me, since I had been working on my recently discovered natural healing abilities. I also thrive on accountability, so if he is keeping track, I better listen up.

Besides Metatron, I have Buddha as a guide, as well. He is with me for wisdom.

“You also have Jesus Christ with you,” my psychic said. I rolled my eyes. She laughed and said “He said you would do that.”

She advised me not to think of him as the Christian Jesus, but more of an angel of compassion. He is with me to help me grow and understand compassion.

When I thought back to my Christian upbringing, I asked, “Aren’t Jesus and angels supposed to be with everyone?” My psychic explained that angels can be in many places at once, but they only watch over those who need it at that time. I found that interesting. I sort of felt special since I have three watching over me. I suppose that means I have a lot going on that I need to work on. Luckily I have my horde of angels to support me.

I use my angels on a regular basis. I feel Metatron continues to push me into situations to share my gift. I ask for his guidance almost daily and trust the answers I receive. I recommend you communicate with your angels, as well. Even if you don’t know who your angels are, I recommend you talk to them anyway.

Next time you are driving somewhere and feel you should call your mom, or friend, just call upon your angels instead. Not only is it safer for everyone on the road, but you will likely surprise yourself about the enlightening conversation you may have.


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