In my dream a little star spoke to me.

“Hello,” she said, “I’ve been watching you.”

“You have!” I said, surprised. “Why, then?” I asked.

“I’ve been watching you because I want to learn to be strong like you,” the star replied. “You have the inner strength of a bear.”

“I also want to learn to have courage,” the little star added.

“Courage, like love, is found in the heart,” I explained.

“I know,” the star replied. “I want to have a strong brave heart like that of a lion. And I want to learn to be as wise as an owl and as enchanting as a ladybird,” she said.

“I’ll teach you everything I know,” I told her.

“Promise me that if I don’t stay for very long, you’ll understand,” the star said. “It means I need to go back home then and I need you to understand this. Otherwise I can’t come.”

When I saw another star in the sky I understood.

“I promise,” I replied.

At that moment the two stars filled me with their magical love.

Suddenly, a long-necked giraffe entered my dream.

“You’ll be in very good company,” he said.


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