Meeting My Angels

As 2015 was ending, I was once again on a journey of awakening. I had turned off my gifts a couple years earlier in another attempt to be “normal.” As it never works in harmony to step away from our authentic selves, I was disconnected and unhappy. From there, I realigned and reopened myself to who I was. This time, when I opened myself, angels were waiting for me.

Growing up, there were spiritual beings that I would allow in to teach me, such as my spirit animals and spirit guides, but I had always steered away from “angels.” It seemed too religious, and I was always more drawn to spirituality than religion. When I pictured angels in my mind, I envisioned the figurines on my grandmother’s knick-knack shelf, and that “just wasn’t for me.”

However, when I became fixated on my own spiritual healing, I prioritized aligning with truth, authenticity and unconditional love. When my angels came in, I was able to see them for what they really were, beyond my childhood teachings and assumptions. These were the highest vibration spiritual beings of unconditional love — and limitless patience. As pure energy, they are not bound by space and time, for they are infinite, as are our true selves.

Intrigued, I started to explore and grow my relationship with my personal angels and the archangels. The angels around me the most included Archangels Michael (protecting me, especially when I am actively using my gifts), Raphael (supporting me in healing others), and Ariel (helping me during animal communication and animal healing).

I was a bit skeptical at first. But I will never forget my first experience that was truly the catalyst for changing my belief system. It was during a horrible snowstorm in January 2016 and I was trying to navigate the back roads from Carver to Prior Lake.

Cars were in the ditch and 4-wheel drive vehicles were spinning out — and I was in my little Honda Accord. It is far from a formidable winter vehicle, and I was terrified. I realized I should not be on the roads and that I made a bad decision as I leaned over the steering wheel, white knuckled and panicked, with tears in my eyes, my car sliding all over the road at 10 miles an hour.

In sheer desperation I called out to Archangel Michael, asking him to protect me and my car to get to my destination. Suddenly, this bizarre wave of euphoria washed over me. I was in an extreme state of calm and peace and singing along to the radio, and all fear was gone. My car stopped sliding and never faulted a single time. The roads may as well have been completely clear. I remember walking into work in sheer joy, peace and absolute gratitude — not just for arriving safely, but also for that incredible experience and proof that this was a very real, and very loving force.

Since then I have established a strong relationship with my angelic support system. And it is something everyone can do. The angels are always willing and ready to help with any situation. However, you do need to ask for their help; because of free will, they can’t interfere unless you ask. There is nothing too big or small they can handle. It is like having your own spiritual entourage.

They love letting you know they are with you in wonderful ways, finding white feathers and interesting synchronicities. I have two wonderful pictures in my office from clients who said their spirit guides would not allow them to come see me until they made me a picture of an angel. I also received a wood-carved angel holding a puppy for Christmas in a random gift exchange last December. It was the only angel in the exchange and no one knew who would end up receiving which gift. I immediately said “Hi” to Ariel and smiled as I held it. Just a little reminder that she is with me and I am here for animals.

If you have never established a relationship with your angels, I highly recommend it. You have nothing to lose and unconditional love and support to gain!



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