Moses, Angels & Heaven! Oh My!


It was a mild Texas summer day in 1975. I was one of eight cousins visiting Aunt B’s ranch that day. As typical kids, we had escaped the adults to explore the fifty acres and its five ponds. Prior to my arrival my older cousins had been digging tunnels in the dry side of a pond’s outer bank.

My younger sister, my cousin and myself decided we would continue digging to extend the length of the tunnels. I remember lying inside the tunnel, at the very base, face up, with my right hand extended, writing “Mary Carol was here!” At that very moment, unexpectedly, my world went dark. I could not see anything. I screamed out for help! I could not breathe!

Without warning the walls had instantly collapsed around me. I found myself buried eight feet below the surface.

Following that moment of darkness, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. As quickly as the darkness fell, the light began to return. I felt myself being separated from my body and my consciousness being lifted from the dirt towards the heavens.

As I looked down towards my body, I saw a beautiful angel hovering over my lifeless body. She was glowing with the essence of a billion twinkle lights and the illumination of a hundred full moons. Her wings were in full extension, and her left hand reached into the dirt. Her hand was cupped like an oxygen mask over my mouth, nose and eyes. The angel’s right hand was guiding me upward. I could see my sister and my cousin frantically digging in the dirt at the base of the tunnel as I continued upward.

My upward journey took me to a beautiful outdoor room, an elderly man with a long white beard waiting to greet me. In my young brain, I thought it was God; it was actually one of my Master Teachers, Moses. Time seemed to stand completely still. During my conversation with Moses he said, “My child, you were in an accident and you have died. It’s not your time to be here and end this life; you have work to do. But it is your choice.” It was my decision whether to return to my body and my life.

Once I made the decision to return, I was quickly sent back to my body. It felt like an instant thought and I was back! When Angel Gabrielle received the message that I was going to return to my life, she raised my physical body closer to the surface. I was no longer eight feet under.

Only my eyes, nose and mouth were exposed to the air; my right arm was buried, but only by a light cover of dirt. I lifted my arm, brushed the dirt from my face and yelled to my family below. Most of my body was still encapsulated in the earth. I needed to be dug out.

My cousin yelled to me, “How did you get up there? You were down here! What happened?” I didn’t have an explanation for her at that time. Later, I learned the instant the cave-in happened, my Joy Guide, Posey, called out to the angels to help me. Angel Gabrielle came to my rescue immediately. She arrived with the much-needed oxygen to keep my little body alive while I conversed with Moses. She gave me the boost I needed to be freed from my earthy tomb. Miraculously, I had no injuries.

Angels are the most widely known of our spiritual helpers available. They are Universal souls and can be compared to our first responders on Earth, just as our police officers, paramedics and firefighters come to our rescue when we are in trouble or in crisis. Angels are the first on the scene of an emergency for both humans and animals.

From that day forward, my intuition, visions, and my ability to read the energy of people and animals, has only intensified. One of the blessings that came out of that buried-in-the-earth tragedy is that it gave me the road map to navigate between the worlds, with frequency and ease. Applying this knowledge, I learned to heal humans and animals with spiritual energy.

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Mary Carol Ross
Mary Carol Ross is a former legal corporate international road warrior. She served more than 25 years in the corporate world before stepping into her true calling and creating an innovative type of healing in Spiritual Archaeology, which helped her uncover who she truly is and who she came here to be in this lifetime. A near-death experience was the catalyst to enable her to move from the Earth plane and the spiritual world with frequency and ease. Mary Carol Ross holds certifications as a Medical Intuitive, Professional Life Coach, Career Intuitive, Hypnotist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Master Intuitive, Crystalline Healing Master, Medium, Transitional Therapist and Mediator. Mary Carol is the author of Ally’s Spiritual Journey. She lives in San Diego, California, where she bases her worldwide healing practice. More can be learned about her methodology through her website at



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