My Angel Story


My connection with angels first began in 2007 when I was introduced to the “Seraphim Blueprint Healing System.” The Seraphim Angels are considered to be the highest order of angels, and normally they are only concerned with galactic level events. However, about 15,000 years ago a group of 13 Seraphim Angels decided that they wanted to share 11 primary energy wave forms from Source that would be very beneficial to sentient life on several planets, including Earth and humans.

They offered these energies and teachings first in Atlantis, and then later to the early Jewish mystics and Egyptian high priests. After those groups dispersed, it wasn’t offered again publicly until about 15 or 20 years ago when one of the original 13 Seraphim Angels decided to offer it again. He chose a TM meditation instructor, Ruth Rendeley, and an advanced Reiki Master to bring out the knowledge again.

I took the first level of training from Ruth in 2007 and was completely blown away by the power of the energies coming in. I was already trained in Reiki, so energy work wasn’t new to me, but this was on a completely new level. As I took each of the higher levels of training, the Seraph Angels worked with me to open up the channels and circuits in my system connecting me to all 11 main energies coming in from Source, and then later to all the main energies coming in from each of the planets.

Working with the Seraph and these energies has given me amazing experiences and growth. One experience the Seraph gave me was from a viewpoint above the Earth to move backwards in time and see the Earth before the dinosaurs. Then we moved forwards from there to a time after the dinosaurs were gone and the Earth was lush and green.

The next thing I knew was that I was up in a space ship above the Earth and we were looking down on the Earth trying to decide if it was ready for “seeding.” I tried to figure out what group I was with and all I could get was a name that began with “Ar…” or Arc….” Later on I checked with some of my psychic friends and they said I came in with the Arcturians to do the original seeding of the planet.

Later in that meditation, when I was floating over the USA looking for power spots to use one of the Seraphim energies to cleanse and energize it, I went to look at Sedona, AZ, and I was very disappointed. Mostly what I saw was the energy footprints of new housing construction and very little coming from the vortexes. Then the Seraph directed my attention to look back over my left shoulder and I saw a large snow-capped mountain with a huge beam of light and energy shooting out of the top of it. That was Mt. Shasta, so I decided to take a trip there instead of Sedona. Years later, I did go to Sedona and worked with the Seraph to clear a huge nasty blob-entity off the eastern side of Sedona and to clear up a couple of the vortexes.

Another time I worked with the Seraphim and their energies, as well as the Reiki energies, to bring a lady back from heaven after she had checked out during what was supposed to be a routine operation that went wrong. Her body was being kept alive by 12 machines in the ICU at the hospital, but her spirit had already left. With permission from her family, I sat next to her and sent several Seraphim and Reiki energies to her for 45 minutes and then she came floating back in horizontally over her physical body.

Her physical body did not look good, having been cut all the way up the front, and in poor health to begin with, but her spirit body looked great. Her spirit looked like a perfectly healthy 35 year old, and as she looked down on her body, she said, “I didn’t know this was possible.” I said it was up to her now — she could stay in heaven or use this energy to come back, but her family really missed her. Later that day she sent word that she had decided to come back, and by the next morning she was down to five machines and conscious again.

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John W. Chandler
John Chandler, custodian of these energies, has been a Transcendental Meditation teacher for 49 years, a Seraphim Blueprint Teacher and recipient of Divine Mother energies for over 15 years. Visit


  1. I would love to speak with you further about getting more connected with my Seraphim family. Thank you for your support!


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