Our Furry Angels in Disguise


When someone mentions angels, we generally think of the classic image of a humanoid dressed in white and sporting a huge set of wings.

Sometimes, however, the work of angels is done by creatures that are unexpected. Some would swear that fur babies can sometimes take on that role.

My personal experience with angels in an unusual form came about when my beloved Shih Tzu, Sophie, passed to the other side in January. Losing a pet is a traumatic, grievous experience, but Sophie was a very exceptional soul. I knew she would stay in touch. Therefore, what followed shouldn’t be too surprising.

Prior to leaving, she explained that it would take eight hours to journey through the realms and arrive at the Rainbow Bridge. As she traveled, she described clouds and veils of various colors. When Sophie arrived at the Rainbow Bridge, she explained that it would take some time to rest and get situated, but I was to “watch for signs” from her.

The first sign was a pink feather materializing, similar to the ones she used to wear after grooming. This was followed in subsequent days with other objects materializing, such as stones and a jewelry box key.

I continued to receive frequent telepathic updates from Sophie. She described a beautiful farm where departed fur babies relax and heal. Sophie appeared to be taking on a role of checking on pets that had passed, as well as those still on Earth.

One message said, “I am Angel Sophie. I am helping fur babies and their people who need healing. My guides decided that this would be my role, and I’m excited about it. Please tell everyone who needs healing to put tea candles in their windows at night, and I will send them healing from the Rainbow Bridge.”

I posted this information on Facebook, and clients began inquiring. One had a cat with a serious medical problem. She put up a tea candle and asked Sophie to send healing. The next day she informed me that her cat was much improved and eating again.

Sophie says she has pink wings and a halo. She says to think of her when you look to the sky, and you just might see her waving.



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