Practice Instant Forgiveness to Transform Your Life


Forgiveness practice is one of the cornerstones of creating a healthy, peaceful and happy life. It holds great value as a spiritual practice and as a method for healing or transforming blockages. To truly forgive can release the attachments and blockages that prevent us from moving forward in our lives.

However, I have learned that the practice of “instant forgiveness” is even more astounding. Based on the profound teachings of my spiritual father and teacher, Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha, I understand that the purpose of my life is to serve. The purpose of my physical life is to serve my soul journey, and the purpose of my soul journey is to uplift my soul (through service) so that I can be an even better servant. When I focus on this, everything in my life transforms, and the practice of instant forgiveness is a huge key to my success.

The importance of our soul journey cannot be overstated, particularly at this time on Mother Earth. Our souls want to serve. They want to grow. They want to accumulate virtue and light. The best way to do this is to serve others well, and stop making “bad karma.” To stop making bad karma, we must learn how to maintain goodness in our thoughts, words, actions and deeds. Most of us slip and fall from time to time (quite often, actually). This is where the secret of “instant forgiveness” comes into play. It may seem simple, but it has far-reaching positive consequences.

Master Sha teaches that forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace. It does this by setting us free from spiritual blockages, or negative karma. The teaching of instant forgiveness is that at any time we notice that we did not behave in accordance with our soul journey, or anytime we may have hurt someone in any way, even with our negative thinking, we can instantly apologize to the souls involved. We can close our eyes and sincerely ask for forgiveness and make a commitment to do better.

Watching what we think, say and do, in addition to what we see and hear and perceive, is of great benefit to our spiritual growth. The goal is to align them with the greatest service and light. In all these endeavors, we can transform negativity with love and compassion by practicing instant forgiveness when we slip. As human beings, we have our weaknesses. We will have our moments. In these cases, instant forgiveness can reverse the impact of the negativity and save us from incurring further karmic debt. To pause and practice is also to interrupt the old pattern and fill it with light. This will help us to eventually drop the pattern altogether.

For example, let’s say that you used to gossip and have given it up. However, occasionally, you still slip, only to regret it right away. The teaching is to practice instant forgiveness. The moment you realize you gossiped, close your eyes and apologize. Connect with the souls involved. Connect with the Divine or the Creator or the Universe. Tell them you’re sorry. Ask for forgiveness. Commit to doing better. Send love and blessings.

It’s simple, yet powerful. It can help prevent us from creating “new karma” and it interrupts the karmic pattern itself, giving us the perfect opportunity to transform our condition and make forward progress.

It is clear to me how much this practice has and continues to transform my life. I have learned that the moment I am “in it” is the perfect moment to transform the root cause. It’s simple and profound.

I encourage you to try the practice of Instant Forgiveness in your life. You can do it in your own way, but for those who want an example of how to do it, the following is one you can use.

When you are ready to practice instant forgiveness, close your eyes and connect to your heart. Connect to your Source. Connect in the following way to the souls you have been unkind to, apologize and ask for forgiveness:

Dear ____ (Divine/Source/Creator)
Dear my soul
Dear the soul(s) of ____ (fill in by name or by group; i.e. “all the souls at the party tonight”)
I love and honor you
I humbly apologize for my mistake (you can fill in more, such as “for gossiping about you, for thinking negative thoughts about you, for being dishonest with you”, etc.)
I’m very sorry.
Please forgive me.
I am committed to doing better.
Thank you if you can forgive me.
I forgive all souls who have contributed to this pattern in me.
Thank you ____ (Divine/Source/Creator).
Thank you ____ (the souls you’ve called).

If you have time, please chant a sacred mantra, such as “Divine Forgiveness,” and visualize light going to all the souls. This will increase the power and effectiveness of your transformation.

As we go through the day, we can do this at any time. My teacher suggests that we check ourselves no fewer than three times a day. In the morning, midday and evening, we can pause and ask ourselves, how have I done today? Is there anything I should ask for forgiveness for? Then do it!

These simple steps are the steps to genuine life transformation. I hope you are blessed by implementing them in your life. Thank you for the opportunity to share the wisdom and practice that have transformed my life. I am deeply honored.

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Master Francisco Quintero
Master Francisco Quintero, the lead teacher at the Tao Academy, has developed worldwide training programs based on the teachings of Master Zhi Gang Sha. Co-author of Greatest Love: Unblock Your Life in 30 Minutes a Day with the Power of Unconditional Love, Master Francisco helps people overcome life challenges by using simple yet powerful Tao practices. Visit



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