Republicans and democrats promise evolutionary change, yet pave the way to centralized wealth. Unjust capitalists and corporations invert all wisdom and call ego-driven war, oppression and destruction the simplicity of life.

War is orchestrated by such few, dressed in rich draperies, as a means to transfer inner into acquired power, for war corrupts, demoralizes and clouds the soul. The fast sharing of information should bring vast change, yet our world is sleeping, woven in a dangerous barbaric slavery of modern times instead.

Despite our minds carrying inexhaustible resources of energy, we allowed ourselves to become more barbaric than we had ever been, learning nothing from the past to bring into the present and create a brighter future. We willingly followed the footsteps of our capitalist, self-serving leaders, exploited and terrorized life to a point of causing drastic suffering and death, polluted the water, the food, the air, our bodies, souls and minds to a degree not known to history.

With every day that passes, we are bankrupting our own survival and the survival of this beautiful, kind, loving, compassionate planet Earth. Yet, we blindly continue to call war a solution to demise. We became so afraid of dying that we forgot how to live, punishing those who refuse to embody the absurd, the illusion, the deceit. We simply worship and repeat every word and action that our false leaders exercise on us and want us to believe.

We worship money, a piece of paper, that we have been so effortlessly convinced, holds the magic, the key, to remaining at ease. Hence, without a second thought, we dig into Earth’s crust close to its core and tear it apart to find precious metals that will, in our conditioned minds, guarantee that we will be amongst those who live. When we are in its possession, instead of using it to create a better world and ensure eternal bliss for ourselves and Earth, we become morally ruined by it as the political propaganda does not stop at the point of acquisition.

Now, we are asked to show the entire world how much of it we possess as our social, false hierarchical status and our ego-driven needs for approval, worthiness and respect are dependent upon the total amount we own. To rise above the competition, we begin to seek clever ways to steal from or impoverish others. This is when hate, pain, jealousy, sorrow, lust arise and wars start with no clear end.

We begin to call the immoral moral — a conviction that will not allow us to feel fulfilled, happy, in bliss for as long as we practice the thought and resulting action. Greed separates us from who we truly are, it fragments the mind, compromises the essence of the soul, and strengthens the ego. It divides humanity into conquerors deserving to live and be defeated, worthy of oppression and demise.

We are the mirror that reflects back to us. We can no longer embrace confusion, imbalance, interdependency, seduced by profit, power and prestige. We can no longer send our beautiful children to war. We can no longer allow the diabolical matrix to guide us into even deeper states of unconsciousness where we feel small, unworthy, unloved, believe the deceit to be reality and suppress our morals in the name of fear-driven profit just as it had been done to us.

We have to wake up and learn from our past crises.

We need to become aware of our conditioned states in order to find the fears that are preventing us from creating wise changes in our lives and emerge out of unwanted emotions, out of darkness. As such, change can only begin in the spirit we embody, not in the law and least in wars. We need to merge our masculine and feminine essence, which will connect us with oneness where fear, deception and lies can no longer exist.

We need to separate ourselves from the illusions that divide us from great love. Instead of saying, “I am powerless,” our words should assert: “I am strong, I am supported, I am wonderful, I am creative, I am love.”

We are the source of creativity, yet it takes courage to remove ourselves from the state of vulnerability, misappropriated criticism and rejection. There is no magic formula, for courage only resides within our soul. We have to be bold, assertive, self-assured. When we are being ourselves on the right path, synchronistic events will flow. There will be a number of sequences, visions, directions. We will transport ourselves into higher conscious states. We will surrender to the divine within.

Doing so would allow us to embrace our own reality and sacred revelations, create a constant state of abundance, expansions and fulfillment of desires that we seek for ourselves and Earth. When we choose to remain true to our purpose, all illusions, restrictive patterns and boundaries will break down as unconditional love confuses the matrix and allows it to lose its power over us.

It is time to exercise our creative impulse in a way that will support not only ourselves, but each other, as well. It is time to unify as consciousness, as humanity, in peace and love, for the truth is that no master, guru or government can solve our problems. We have to take responsibility for ourselves and Earth and create a new, love-based model of reality, for no change can occur by fighting ego-based matrixes of existence with the same energy that created them. If we do not, we would be another Pompeii. We would be running like fugitives. Where would we be turning for credit then?

We are not alone in this amazing evolution.

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Sosé Gjelaj & Elitsa Teneva
Sosé Gjelaj, left, was born in Montenegro, relocated to the United States with her family in 1969 and has lived in America since then. Sosé is an artist, an author, a published poet, a philanthropist and a philosopher. She is the owner of Sosé Art Gallery in Bennington, VT. Her paintings have been exhibited on solo and group shows throughout Europe and New England. Sosé is the first artist of Albanian heritage to have her own show in New York City. In 2012, she founded Source of Visibility, a not-for-profit humanitarian and environmental organization. Elitsa Teneva, right, was born in Bulgaria. She moved to the United States when she was 18 to pursue an academic career in the fields of psychology and school psychology. She graduated from Southern Vermont College, and received a M.Ed. degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA. She is on the board of directors of Source of Visibility founded by Sosé Gjelaj.


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