Putting the Power Surge Back Into Hot Flashes


Arriving on the threshold of crone status and moving through this gateway marks a time when women turn their physical focus from procreation and childrearing to a more global, evolutionary contribution.

During menopause, women (whether they know it or not) are engaging in sacred service. In this life stage, women are astronomical electrical conductors and biological transformers, grounding more light and an expanded spectrum of frequencies onto the planet. The greater the level of discomfort one is experiencing in the form of hot flashes and other uncomfortable menopausal symptoms is merely the degree to which one is resisting bringing through these energies. Resistance to allowing this energy to flow through you may ultimately result in hormonal imbalances.

Hot flashes have gotten a bad rap. In ancient times, God was a woman, known as, “The Goddess.” One of the mechanisms of the patriarchal overthrow of the matriarchy was to make all things that were sacred and powerful about women, profane. As one example, moon lodges in Native American traditions honored women and afforded them downtime from their maternal and wifely duties once a month. They were fed food cooked by other women and were relieved of all chores and duties during their menses. White culture misinterpreted this, choosing instead to view these women as “unclean,” that they were exiled from the tribe at these times. Imagine what our lives would be like if we were given one week out of every month to commune, be nurtured, and cared for to relax and regenerate?

Instead of being honored for entering into menopause, women entering this life stage face the stigma associated with being barren (valueless). This potent time has been reduced to descriptors such as “women acting crazy,” “hormonal imbalances” and “hot flashes.” Seen through this lens, a menopausal woman’s power is subverted and then given away to medical doctors who tell them they need to medicate their symptoms.

What if we recognized and acknowledged menopause for the powerful life-transforming phase of life it is? Women bring forth life in their youth, nurture and enhance its evolution in mid-life, and then expand its potential in later years. Not only are we doing this physically, emotionally and intellectually, we are also doing it energetically on a planetary level.

All life forms are currently undergoing significant transformations. We are all ascending (shifting dimensions while still in a physical body), while at the same time Gaia, our beloved planet upon which we reside, also is ascending. The sun’s solar flares are prime movers in this transformation. In 2006 Purdue University researchers discovered that a new neutrino (infinitely small light particle) is being emitted from the sun. We are experiencing more solar flare activity than ever before — and galactically, we are also moving through a photon belt (an electromagnetic field of light particles). Light is life. Light is information. Light is frequency. Light is Consciousness. And light is activating our dormant DNA (junk DNA).

An experiment performed on fish, exposing them to more light, genetically expressed as their offspring having more vibrant colors than the parents. These results are a good analogy for what we can expect as our dormant human DNA becomes activated by the amplified light arriving on the planet. It is already being expressed as enhanced innate abilities and expanded human potential such as telepathy, precognition and being able to see and hear broader sound and light spectrums.

Humans are electromagnetic beings. Electric is masculine energy, and magnetic is feminine energy. Energetically, we are a balance of male and female. Humans are walking, talking breathing circuitries. Getting grounded is critical to our gracefully navigating these times and shifts, no matter what gender we are.

For menopausal women though, getting grounded is part of the sacred service they provide. They are grounding these new, amplified, expanded, evolved energies and frequencies onto, and into, the planet, themselves, and those around them. They are the stabilizing factor in this transformation. No wonder they are bouncing off the walls at times! It is a tremendous amount of energy to navigate bringing through their circuitry. They are being changed in the process, as well.

A hot flash can be evidence that one is resisting the task of bringing through these new frequencies. The first sign of these frequency transmissions is often a sense of “short-circuiting,” losing concentration, getting irritable, having to stop what one is doing, feeling a general malaise, and getting prickly (physically, emotionally and verbally). If one sets an intention to notice this as something important taking place, instead of brushing it off as an inconvenience or discomfort, one will radically change their experience of it.

As a menopausal woman, here is how you can actively participate in this sacred service:
• Engage with this as a practice.
• At first awareness, immediately get grounded by putting your attention into your feet and envision growing roots into the Earth.
• Expand your energy out by envisioning your aura growing beyond the planet and the far reaches of the Universe.
• Then activate “allowing,” through your intention, and choose a state of gratitude for this opportunity to play such an essential role in the expansion of life and creation.

You will find that your hot flash either abates or is much milder and less disruptive. Claim the power and honor of this contribution. You are performing a sacred service for all life and beyond. Blessed be!

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Maureen Keefe
Maureen Keefe of Intuition Matters is an Awakening Activator, a Higher Consciousness Catalyst and an Ascension Coach, assisting you in taking your life to the next level. As a Visionary Business Coach, she can tap into what is possible to brainstorm with you ways to infuse new life and appeal into your business and products. Recorded phone or Zoom sessions available. Women, consider an immersion retreat. Maureen lives in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains overlooking a Sacred river valley. She is a fabulous health-oriented cook and adept transformational specialist. Guaranteed to be one of your top personal growth experiences and getaways. "Life is meant to be a joyful Journey, Get Intuit!" Contact Maureen at [email protected] or 970.724.0447.


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